Thursday, October 26, 2017

A Look Into Job Embedded Professional Development

By Kevin Jones

Students are important to tutors. A process that involves training teachers so that they can offer quality education to students is referred to as job embedded professional development. It usually involves training of teachers at the workplace or in the institution they are working. In addition, there is a formation of a connection between the students and their teachers in the classroom scenario. The main reason why such a process even exists is that all the academic needs of the students are met.

In order for students to effectively learn, they need the help of their teachers to help them through this journey; thus, the reason why such a program is being reinforced in the school system to begin with. The program is set with the aim of ensuring that the teachers gain better instructional skills in order to improve learning for students.

There are several formats of the JEPD; number one is the action research. Here, an aspect of teaching is selected by the teachers themselves for purposes of investigations. Data is collected and recorded drawing theories from literature research sources. Conclusions drawn from such studies are the impact of teaching on learning among others. Actually, the research is done to aim at improving teaching skills of the teacher and thus improve quality of education for the student.

The second process involves carrying out case discussions. The tutors in this process indulge themselves in critically analyzing teaching methods employed. The next step is coaching where teachers are coached with an instructional coach. Here, they will be put under constant observations and the coach may organize for occasional conversations with the individual teachers. This part of the process usually aims at pushing the teachers to implement new and diverse teaching tactics.

There is also a friend group that is formed with the intent of critically analyzing the work done. Here, a meeting involving teachers is organized and in this group they discuss the various issues affecting them. The issues may either be the challenges faced while teaching certain concepts or may entail the analysis of various teaching methods.

Assessments is the next step. Teachers undergo a series of assessments that are designed by the teachers themselves. From the results obtained from such assessments, they can be able to come up with new methods of teaching that can be used to improve learning. Checking over the progress of their students is also part of the process as they get a deeper understanding of them and this helps them realize where the problem is and look for working solutions.

The next phase involves the teachers coming up with their growth plans. The plans should be of a professional nature and they are aimed at tracking the performance of teachers. Next is to form a study lesson. Here, a lesson is prepared by teachers alternating in order to demonstrate how teaching should be done and the effect this has on learning.

The process is an effective one as it helps ensure that there is some improvement in the way that teachers give out instructions and the way the students receive them.

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