Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Stem Cell Treatment Centers Offer Revolutionary Therapy

By Paul Jones

Just a few decades ago people routinely died of diseases that are now commonly regarded as minor. Flu, bronchitis, measles and infections killed millions of people before things like antibiotics and penicillin was discovered. To this day, researchers work hard at finding new breakthroughs. They have many successes and more and more disease are conquered. Stem cell treatment centers seems to be one of the new options that promises a very great advance in the way many diseases and conditions will be treated.

Bone marrow transplants have been performed for at least thirty years, but only as a last resort and only on patients that suffered from cancers that is related to the blood, such as Lymphoma and Leukaemia. They routine receive chemotherapy that destroys not only the destructive mutant cells in the body, but the healthy ones too. Bone marrow transplants can encourage the growth of healthy new cells and boost the immune systems of such patients.

To this day it is mainly cancer patients that receive bone marrow transplants. However, researchers are confident that these transplants will eventually become commonplace in the management and even curing of many other diseases. Research is still considered to be at an experimental stage and a lot of work will have to be done before this therapy will be considered safe for general use on human patients.

It is foreseen that patients suffering from serious brain degeneration conditions such as Alzheimer and parkinson will be benefiting from bone marrow transplants. New cell growth in the brain will counter the effects of steady degeneration of the brain. Those with spinal injuries and even physical injuries to the brain will also benefit. It is even foreseen that these transplants will be able to reverse the horrendous effects of strokes.

Another exciting potential application of bone marrow transplants is to stimulate the growths of new cells and muscles in the heart. Currently, heart disease in its various forms is one of the biggest medical problems faced by humans. Much can already be done, but physical damage to the heart cannot yet be treated. Bone marrow transplants promise to remedy this drawback and give millions a new lease on life.

There are many critics of this field of research. They argue that bone marrow transplants opens a very big door for unethical behaviour. They base this allegation on the fact that it is not always actual bone marrow that is transplanted, but also the blood from the umbilical cords of foetuses. Critics also point out that unsuccessful transplant almost always result in the death of the patient.

Critics also say that researchers are far too liberal in their claims regarding the future benefits of bone marrow transplants. They say that researches have not produced a shred of evidence to back their extravagant claims and that they are creating false hope simply in order to secure research grants and to make large profits at institutions currently offering this form of therapy.

Whether bone marrow transplants will become the latest wonder cure nobody seems to know for sure. If, however, the claims of researchers prove to be true, millions of people will benefit. Mankind is innovative and persistent. Perhaps this will all become true.

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