Thursday, October 19, 2017

By Seeing An Affordable Dentist Andover Residents Can Enjoy Good Oral Health

By Jerry Wright

First impressions can be lasting. One of the very first things people notice when meeting new people is their smile. A white, open, healthy smile almost always create a very good first impression. A smile showing rotten and missing teeth, however, are repelling to some people and a poor impression is formed. Public figures know this and spend a lot of attention to their teeth. With an affordable dentist Andover patients can also enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile.

Dentists certainly deal with cavities and other problems related to the teeth, but this is not all that they do. They concentrate on the entire spectrum of oral health. They can treat various diseases of the gums and soft tissue of the mouth. They even pay attention to the jaw and the tongue. The oral cavity is prone to diseases because it has to process food and drinks regularly and the development of bacteria is always a real danger.

It is unfortunate that so many people still only see a dental practitioner when they experience severe pain. The plain truth is that the longer one waits to see a dental practitioner, the worse the problem will become and the more drastic the treatment will be. It is truly best to visit a dental clinic the moment a problem becomes apparent. In fact, it is best to see a dentist twice yearly for a general check up.

Most people are not aware of the fact that certain medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and hypertension often manifest itself in the oral cavity long before any other symptoms develop. A regular visit to the dental clinic can often lead to the early diagnoses of such diseases. The dental practitioner will then advise his patient to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Poor oral health, especially rotten and missing teeth often causes psychological problems. The sufferer is too ashamed to smile and comes across as surly. They often avoid social contact and they can even develop depression. They do not want to visit a dental clinic because they are ashamed about the condition of their teeth. This is completely unnecessary. Dentists will never belittle their patients.

Another common misconception is that dental treatment inevitably involves pain and severe discomfort. This is not the case any longer. Modern treatment methods are almost always painless. In addition, treatment often last a lifetime. Other problems of the past such as odd coloured caps and fillings and poorly fitting dentures are also no longer valid. Modern dentistry can give everyone a beautiful smile.

Most oral health problems can be avoided by maintaining a strict oral health regime. The teeth should be brush regularly, at least two times daily and preferably after every meal. It is important to use a good quality toothbrush and to replace the brush from time to time. It also helps to avoid food and drink such as candy and fizzy drinks that promotes cavities.

A beautiful, confident smile is an asset. With modern dental treatment options there is no longer any reason to be ashamed of smiling. A good oral care routine and regular visits to a dentist is often all that is required. When problems do occur, immediate attention should be paid.

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