Friday, October 20, 2017

Notes On Allergen Free Prescription

By Daniel Sullivan

Allergen free formulas have recently entered the pet food market since people have been feeding their cats and dogs just commercial diets that do not basically have the best quality of proteins, grains and toxic additives and preservatives. There are foods that are known to be free of these substances and are best recommended since they help avoid allergies. Allergen free prescription is generally the reason why food products are labeled so that people are aware of what they are consuming.

The top allergens, approximately eight in number, must be very evidently labeled on all food products. Nonetheless, they do not necessarily have to be indicated on prescriptions as well as over-the-counter medications, otherwise referred to as OTCs. This is especially so when they are in an ingredient that is inactive. Oftentimes, it is normally a somewhat frustrating exercise trying to track down specifically the particular content encompassed in inactive ingredients.

To ensure that you are prescribed with medicines that are free of any allergens, it is vital to undertake certain precautionary measures. The very first measure to take is to ensure that you critically read all the labels in the medicine. Today, there are numerous medications that are not adequately labeled. It has even soared to become a very common practice, whereby pharmacies are providing information for the medication brand name, even when the particular medication is relatively generic. The generic medications and brand name may vary greatly in markings, color as well as inactive ingredients.

Mostly people prefer to go for certain type of proteins which is inexpensive and they feed them to pets for such a long time and this leads to development of reactions towards those type of proteins more especially the low grade ones. If not well informed one may assume that the problem would be the animal but actually it is the fact that these nutrients are of such a poor quality that they are not assimilated or digested by the animals body.

According to the animals physiology it is supposed to feed on high quality proteins and not diets that are steady and only contain a byproduct of meat such as soy products, corn, wheat or rice, potato starch that are toxic.

An appropriate feeding pattern should involve eliminating grains and rotating the healthy required foods such that you do not feed the animal the same type over and over because that too can cause a reaction. If you realize that the animal has a certain intolerance it is upon you to figure out what is the cause and avoid taking the matter in hand and trying to solve it by buying a type of food that you fell will be tolerant.

When you have a suspicion that the animal has certain intolerance to food you should look for the source of the whole problem. You can visit a doctor so that you can get clarity of the matter. You might have fed the animal the same food for the longest time and he has already gotten sensitivity.

In conclusion, people with certain allergies in their bodies for example for certain foods, are advised to always ensure they look critically into the building blocks of any medication, before buying them. Manufacturers are also called upon to properly label medicines, to ensure patients buy only allergen free medicines.

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