Thursday, February 15, 2018

How To Ask Doctor Why Does My Back Hurt

By George Snyder

When any kind of pain breaks out in the body, it can be a sign that something is out of sync. When it comes to knowing when to ask a doctor why does my back hurt, there can be a number of answers. For example, if there is severe pain, tingling and numbness, the answer is often immediately. Whereas, the same goes for anyone whom is suffering this type pain and experiencing paralysis.

Before going to a doctor for this type of pain, it is important to realize it may not be necessary to go to a doctor because most back pain can be relieved without treatment. It is often advised that individuals experiencing back pain, soak in hot baths and lay down to rest and relax the body. After which, if symptoms do not subside, there is most likely a reason to visit a health care provider.

In cases in which an individual is experiencing tingling or numbness and pain is severe, a visit to a primary health care provider might be a good option. Whereas, in cases where an individual is paralyzed, can not move and is suffering, then it is often advised that the individual be taken to the nearest Urgent care clinic, Express care clinic or hospital emergency room.

In almost all cases, spinal pain is related to an injury whether old or new. As such, it is important to tell health care providers about any old injuries so that the medical team knows that past history. For, when a medical provider knows medical history which could be contributing to the current issue, it can often be easier to make a diagnosis as to the cause of the pain. After which, it can also be easier to prescribe the right exercise, physical therapy, treatment and medication which can alleviate the pain.

While most of this type pain is related to injuries, there are also other conditions which can contribute to lower back pain. In the case of kidney stones, an individual can often experience pain on the left or right and pain in the lower back. As such, if there were no previous injuries, it is most likely the pain is associated with kidney stones or a urinary tract infection.

Individuals experiencing this type of pain might also want to consider seeing a chiropractor. For, many of these individual can provide different wellness plans to address the cause and eliminate the pain. In most cases, these plans will include a combination of manual therapy massage, exercise therapy and chiropractic adjustments.

If after seeing a medical provider or chiropractor, the individual still has issues, it might be beneficial to make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. For, if the pain is related to Osteoporosis or related conditions, these individuals can often be of great help. Unlike chiropractors whom often work towards a quick resolution, orthopedic practitioners often take a slower approach towards straightening and strengthening the body.

Ultimately, there are two issues which cause the most severe symptoms when it comes to the spine, these are sciatica and spinal-stenosis. The first of which can often be eased by a number of different exercises and treatments. Whereas, spinal-stenosis often requires more in-depth treatment such as spinal fusion or surgery. In the case of surgery, it is often recommended that the individual get a second opinion before having the procedure.

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