Monday, February 5, 2018

Info On Why Do I Have Tennis Elbow If I Dont Play Tennis

By Cynthia Ward

The elbow is basically one of the body parts which is not given a lot of attention not until it experiences some pain. One kind of pain experienced around the elbow is the common pain around in your hand. For an individual to actually experience this type of condition one does not have to be a golf player or even an active player. Why do I have tennis elbow if I dont play tennis is basically a question which majority of individuals ask when diagnosed with such a condition.

This kind of pain is experienced in the instances when one overuses his forearm muscles. This leads to swelling either on the inside or on the outside of the elbow. This particular condition is also regarded to as epicondylitis which means a painful swelling around the tendons which surrounds the knuckle of an individuals arm.

The condition usually pops in gradually although it can be sudden in case of a trauma or even an accident. This condition greatly affects both the muscles together with the tendons in the arm which actually connects to the outside area of a human elbow. It basically affects an arm which is dominant as this arm is used mostly.

This implies that if an individual is right handed then there is a high like hood that the right arm might experience such kind of a pain and in the instances when one uses his left hand frequently then there is a like hood that the left elbow might experience such a pain. It has been viewed that majority of individuals who experience such pains are men when compared to women.

Majority of individuals suffering from the disease usually look for the cure of such pain, the solution of the problem usually comes by combining various changes. A chartered physiotherapist will definitely discuss an individual posture especially during the working hours and give a credible advice on the techniques which an individual can use so as to reduce the pressure from elbow.

Specialists argue that if such a condition is left untreated for a long duration of time it can result to a chronic injury. A visit to a physiotherapist can be another method which can be used in treatment of this kind of a pain. The therapists usually working with an aim restoring the normal motion range while looking for the root of that particular pain.

The physiotherapists usually develop a customized plan for an individuals recovery which is always based on an individuals physical activities as well as ones lifestyle. The treatment plan needs to incorporate acupuncture, manual therapy, muscle stretches, strengthening as well as ultra sound.

This condition is not a life threatening pain but it usually alters how one can be able to carry out his daily activities. In the instances when therapy and treatment procedures have not been successful individuals are advised to try surgery. Surgery aims at removing the degenerative tissue within thin the tendons.

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