Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Possible Answers To The Query That Is Doctor Why Do My Fingers Hurt

By Kevin Hamilton

Finger pain may be as a result of injury or can also be as a result of diseases affecting this organ. The signs of this condition include numbness, swollen or redness of the skin, bruises or even difficulties in lifting objects. This makes a person uncomfortable and cannot enjoy the activities they love doing. They also become less productive when at work. Such people will have to consult a medic so as to find an appropriate solution. Discussed below are the probable answers to the question, doctor why do my fingers hurt?

First, the disorder can be associated with broken fingers. This complication may occur after being involved in an accident that cause fractures. Those people who have deficiency in calcium element are mostly affected because their bones are weak. Being involved in sports and manual labor also lead to eruption of the disorder. Its manifestation includes tender skin, swellings and pain. Medics can be consulted for the condition to be treated.

Besides, carpal tunnel syndrome may result into finger pain. This is a disease which arise due to the compression of the median nerve while it is passing the hand. The organ helps in the supply of impulse to the muscles which are located in the thumb. Excess pressure exerted in the wrist obstructs the flow of blood leading to this illness. One will become numb and therefore action should be taken immediately to get treated.

Besides, carpal tunnel syndrome may make the fingers to hurt. The disorder is chronic and occurs when the joint bones join. The then rub together when the cartilages break. Stiffness and also pain is experienced by the patient. The complication is common in elderly individuals who will have signs like difficulty in lifting any object or swollen hands. This should be treated to avoid causing disabilities.

Moreover, rheumatoid arthritis can also make one have painful fingers. The body will start aching immediately the infection affects an individual. The disease is chronic with symptoms like inflammation and also joint pains. It takes time before a doctor diagnoses the condition therefore, one has to visit a specialist who is competent.

Moreover, osteoporosis can also make the finger to be painful. This disease may arise due to decrease of bone density. This will increase the chances of fractures in the hand. It affects mostly women at old age. Such individuals suffer from this condition when exposed to activities which strains this organ.

Furthermore, Raynaud's phenomenon is a disorder which may hurt the fingers. The condition is characterized by changes in the skin color. It is triggered by tobacco smoking and stress which result in the blockage of the arteries of this body organ. During attack, one will experience stiffness. It is advisable for the patient to go for treatment immediately such signs are experienced.

Finally, leprosy can make the fingers hurt. The complication is usually chronic which can even make a person disabled if treatment is not done. The skin will have sores, damaged nerves and make the muscle weak. It can be transmitted from an infected person to others through coughing and also sneezing.

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