Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Is There A Need For An Executive Coach? Leading Instructional Rounds Got The Solution

By Jason Bailey

Executive coaching is a growing industry with just over $3 Billion dollars made in the previous year in the United States alone. Although it may vary from company to company the cost of a Coach may cost as much as up to $450 an hour for the services rendered with commitments of up to 6 to 12 months. Leading instructional rounds are the best solution for the counselling you may need.

Coaches themselves are hired or recommended as part and parcel of developmental programs for executive staff. Furthermore, their services could be acquired if there is a need or gap in the way communication or relationships, in general, are handled, which could affect productivity. Lastly, Executive Coaches could be and in some cases, specifically hired for the grooming of staff for larger roles within an organisation but with that said it does not mean they aren t hired to correct behavioural problems like they used to in the past.

The coaching process albeit full of variations but often involves a series of phases and among these many variations they often if not always start with an assessment step, which generally leads to development planning with periodic check-ins with a member of the executive tier. Once the goal has been achieved the process is over and the coaching stops. Generally. But it is subject to variation but the general process lasts 1 year.

The ways in which Coaches do their work vary from place to place but the core tenants of their work remain the same and include an assessment phase where Coaches are able to observe what is going on in order to pinpoint key areas that require work. From there, a Coach will move onto the developmental planning phase where they try to correct these wrongs and once this goal has been achieved and the error ones areas are negated, they can end their commitment to that organisation.

So it may beg the question of why hire a Coach in the first place? Fundamentally to correct behavioural problems but to also ensure that newly promoted managers are competent and successful in their newly found roles.

The career prospects or better yet the barriers to entry into this field of work are best suited for ex HR personnel or retired executive but due to the lack of formal certification, many enter the field once they have obtained certification from the international coach federation in order to provide some form of regulation within this industry.

Because Coaches are key in rectifying wrongs in the communication chain between executives and their fellow employees, companies often seek out the help of an Executive Coach for newly promoted managers and executives so that they can be better integrated and suited to their new roles.

But it s of importance to illustrate that Executive Coaching is not therapy or consultancy even if a Coach may start there. It s Important to know the difference if searching for an Executive Coach.

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