Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Historical Beginnings Of Medicine And Skinap Cell Adhesion

By Eric Sanders

There are many things that people have developed and achieved for the past few centuries of human history. The development of certain ideas and concepts took some though as society was not ready for it or the technology for these ideas to become real had not yet been made yet. But, it turned out well for humans in the end.

In these years of developing, there was something that is very essential to the rising of human kind. This concept was science and its effects has been felt all around history. Through the use of it, many kinds of machines and practices were created when it is applied correctly. One of these things that was created from it was the skinap cell adhesion.

One of the great application to science was the wonder that is known as medicine. This practice has been around for thousands of years but is not as prominent as it is in the modern era. There are many branches to the medical profession itself but the main concern of it is how to heal the body and figure out how to fix it.

Like everything else, it all began in the stone ages. When humans first began to take life on this earth, most, if not all, did not have the knowledge to heal themselves. Having a simple fever or an injury could have great consequences due to how primitive the method was to heal the early incarnations of mankind.

Though primitive, the concepts of the ancient civilizations were quite advanced for their time. The Egyptians during their golden age was fairly advanced and farther ahead than any of their contemporaries. Their method of taking care of and preserving their dead Pharaohs was unmatched among all the ancient civilizations that was found.

Several civilizations had their own kind of medical knowledge. The most famous ones are probably the Egyptians during the ancient world. This was due to their practice of taking care of those that passed away. There were specially trained individuals that had the ability and knowledge to correctly preserve the bodies of royalty.

The progressivism by Greeks were adopted by the Romans. The Romans were quite interested in the Hellenistic and when they became a superpower in the ancient world, the Romans decided to adopt the Greek culture that they were so interested in. Due to this, the medical practice that the Romans had mirrored that of progressive Greece.

Entering into the 20th century, there were that many discoveries. But, this changed when many scientist and medical professionals did some proper research and looked for a way to cure the various ailments that often plagued the people of the 20th century. There were some successful things that was developed.

Despite the massive progress that these ancient civilizations made, the middle ages took a massive step backwards. Instead of promoting and accepting the sciences as part of human life, the rulers and powerful ones decided that its practice was an act that was against god and punishable. The combination of these factors made it difficult for progress to improve.

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