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Summary Of The Causes, Signs, And Remedy Of Shingles Rash Diagnosis

By Melissa Kelly

This is a viral infection also commonly referred to as herpes zoster. It is caused by a virus called varicella-zoster which is also responsible for causing chicken pox. After an individual with chickenpox is treated, this virus remains in the body system, but it is suppressed by the immune system of the body to remain dominant. This virus may be activated again later in life if the immune system of the body weakens. This article will discuss the symptoms, causes, and treatment of shingles rash diagnosis.

After one is diagnosed with chickenpox, the virus that causes the disease is suppressed by the immune system. It moves to the nervous system where it remains in a dormant status such that it cannot cause any harm to the body. However, if the body immune system weakens or fails, the virus may find an opportunity to cause harm to the body. Therefore, the conditions that suppress the immune system are primarily the causes of this disease.

Aging is one of the conditions that affect the immune system of the body. As a person progressively ages, it reaches a point where the immune system weakens leaving them unprotected and susceptible to any infections that may come their way. This may cause the varicella-zoster virus to reactivate causing a shingles rash. This is only experienced by aged individuals.

Organ and bone marrow transplant may also predispose an individual to contract herpes zoster. Before a surgeon can operate on a patient for an organ or bone marrow transplant, they must administer some medication that suppresses the immune system to allow the body to receive the transplanted organ without any complications. This may cause the varicella-zoster virus to reactivate causing this condition.

HIV/AIDS is another condition that weakens the immune system of the body. Patients living with the HIV stand a higher chance for the reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus. The HIV fights the white blood cells that are responsible for an effective and strong body immune system. With a weak immune system, the virus causing this condition finds a chance to reactivate again.

The main signs of herpes zoster include a sharp pain in the affected area and rashes that develop into itchy blisters. The blisters continue to appear on the skin surface in a similar way to chickenpox. The blisters after some time turn yellow before flattening and drying out living behind light scars. The intensity of the pain depends on how severe the condition is.

Other symptoms may indicate that a patient has herpes zoster before it fully manifests itself. Early detection of the disease may help regulate the severity of the symptoms. These symptoms include a headache, itchy feeling, and numbness of the skin and feeling generally unwell. A patient with these symptoms should make sure they seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Remedies of viral diseases focuses on treating the symptoms and suppressing the virus responsible for causing the disease. For herpes zoster, painkillers and antiviral medication are prescribed to the patients to relieve the pain and prevent the multiplication of the virus.

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