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To Find Compounding Pharmacies Ocala FL Is The Best Location To Check Out

By Joshua Graham

Compounding is the combining, mixing, or altering the ingredients in a drug so as to create a medication that is tailored to the specific needs of individual patients. It is a process that is done by licensed physicians or pharmacists. If the compounded drug is outsourced to another facility or practitioner, it must be produced under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist. This practice is becoming increasingly popular today. When one needs Compounding Pharmacies Ocala FL offers the perfect location to visit.

It was the primary role of pharmacists to produce compounded drugs before the 1950s and 1960s. They accepted prescriptions from other medical professionals to compound drugs that suited particular needs of patients. This practice later changed in the 50s and 60s when drugs started to be mass-produced. The duties of pharmacists had to change when mass production of drug started.

They changed to dispensing drugs to patients according to their perceptions as they no longer compounded drugs. Training schools also stopped training them in compounding drugs and shifted focus to other areas. Unfortunately, it was realized that mass production of drugs failed to address all needs of patients. This meant that pharmacists had to go back to the practice of compounding drugs.

Patients need compounded drugs for a variety of reasons. First, the patient might have medical needs that cannot be met by the drug that is currently commercially-available on the market. For instance, a patient might has an allergy that prevents them from using the commercial drug on the market. This may be caused by the presence of certain ingredients in the drug that cause the allergy. Elimination of the unwanted ingredient may solve the problem.

The second reason is that, the aged and small children may have difficulties swallowing big tablets of drugs. A similar case applies to pets that are unable to swallow drugs. Such issue may be tackled by providing a compounded alternative. The liquid form of the drug may be the alternative. The liquid drug can then be taken easily by the patient. Compounded drugs can also be in form of lotions and creams.

In the US, compounded drugs do not have the approval of the FDA. This is because the safety and effectiveness of the preparations cannot be ascertained by the FDA. However, to ensure quality and safety, all manufacturing processes are governed by strict regulations and standards. Before the preparations are marketed, they must meet certain standards in their process of production as well the product themselves.

Oversight and direct supervision of compounding pharmacies is a responsibility assumed by state boards of pharmacy. Even with state boards taking jurisdiction over these facilities, the FDA also has some say in what they do in some cases. For instance, all outsourcing facilities remain under the oversight and regulation of the FDA. They have to comply with regular inspections as well as set standards.

There is a possibility that compounded drugs can pose certain health risks. It is for this reason that FDA does not approve of their use. In some cases, the production line is of poor quality due to malpractices. Also, the ingredients utilized could be contaminated. Besides, these are likely to be ineffective. This implies that patients are using drugs which have not been approved on the basis of their efficiency and safety.

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