Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Staying Fit After Losing Works Best With A Permanent Weight Loss Solution

By Diane Turner

Many people learn about a new diet almost weekly. It may be something discovered by a scientist or healthcare professional or an innovative sensationalized product endorsed by a celebrity. Usually, advertisers will choose someone who is known for their battle with the bulge and one a person sees the before and after shots, out goes their credit card. Six to eight weeks later, they may have great results or none at all but within a year, the bulge is back with a little extra. Those who have an ongoing battle to stay fit find that a permanent weight loss solution is the best measure.

What separates a permanent plan from fads is there no consumption of one kind of food or strange pills to take. Many of these include eating foods that most everyone else has every day. One problem that a lot of working adults and some children have is portion control.

One commonality is busy adults who want to lose but they often find themselves eating on the run. Casual and fast food places are not ideal, even when they market themselves as a healthier option. For instance, many franchises that sell smoothies use some form of processed sugar or high fructose corn syrup in their products. Even the small premade sandwiches have copious amounts of sodium and fat.

Even those establishments that promote a meal or entree as being healthy, anyone considering these should look further to view the sodium and sugar count. Excess sodium creates extra fluid in the body and it has been scientifically proven that large amounts of sugar can lead to weight gain. While eating out is not the worst thing a person can do, even those with a healthy weight should limit eating these foods more than twice a week.

Another obstacle that prevents people from losing unwanted pounds is following trends brought on by the media. Not all are bad but they are not designed for every body type. For instance, because women in a certain age range menstruate, they are likely to need plenty of iron and vitamin B in their diet.

Those who are dealing with health concerns may need ample amounts of protein or carbohydrates in their diet as part of their recovery. In these instances, converting to a vegan diet or anything that restricts nutrients is not recommended. However, eliminating things like excess salt or sugar and choosing unsaturated oils for cooking is easier than most people think.

For those who are busy, frozen vegetables and fruits are just as healthy as their fresh cousins. Some people will mix the two but the great thing about buying frozen is that these can be placed into sealable storage bags and heated individually. This cuts down cooking time and clean up after a long day.

Another way to maintain weight is to be active. Many people spend a lot of time with their devices and less moving around. The good news is that it only takes 20 to 30 minutes of daily moderate activity to burn excess calories. These simple methods can help stave off chronic ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels. It costs less than buying some product with no real guarantees or may cause further health complications

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