Monday, December 10, 2018

Times When You Will Need An HIV Support Group NYC

By Linda Wright

It is usually bad news when people hear that their friends have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Some diseases are more like a death sentence so they are not even wished for some enemies. This can be the case with HIV AIDS but special thanks to the HIV support group NYC which has devised methods to help people with the disease to still live a normal life. Usually, a test is carried out to know of one's status but there are signs one can see and still suspect the diseases.

Fever is one of the early signs to look out for. It is usually a response made by the body when the virus starts attacking body cells. The virus in the bloodstream causes some inflammatory responses which can lead to a sore throat and the swelling of lymph nodes. In most cases, the person also complains of general weakness.

Fatigue also happens in the later stage of the virus's development in the body. When the infected person is walking or working, he feels like discontinuing to have some rest. That is because of the stress the immune system is undergoing. It can be as serious as gasping for breath.

The swelling of lymph nodes is as a result of the white blood cells' response to fight the virus. They try to multiply and gather around the lymph nodes leading to their inflammation. This can be noticed in places such as the armpit, neck, and groins where lymph nodes are situated. Unfortunately, this attempt may not be successful without the help of antiretroviral drugs.

The presence of rash on the skin could also be another sign. It is true that rashes can occur just as a result of heat but some are more than that. People with rashes on their skin have to visit a nearby hospital to have them inspected as it could be more than what it looks like. There would be more reasons to suspect the worse if the rashes look like boils with a pink color.

When HIV attacks and nothing is done about it on time, some later stage symptoms will develop. This can be found on the eyes, kidneys, brain, skin and digestive tract. In women, oral vagina candidiasis may occur while in both sexes, pneumonia and tuberculosis are common. Therefore, knowing one's status is necessary and those early signs must not be taken for granted.

Women can also have problems with their menstrual cycle. In some cases, the flow may be heavy and sometimes, it may be light. In fact, it can also prevent menstrual flow in some months. Menstrual pain can also become more intense.

Even the later stage symptoms can develop into more grievous ones if they are not treated on time. Issues such as diarrhea, short-term memory, mental confusion, as well as coma are among the things no HIV carrier would like to experience. It is therefore important to act early and meet those support groups that are willing to help people living with HIV and AIDS.

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