Friday, December 14, 2018

What You Can Do To Prevent Atherosclerosis

By Frank Walker

It is not a good thing to hear about atherosclerosis. However, it is bound to happen when people consume a lot of cholesterol because it can block the blood vessels. Arteries affected become narrower and may even block completely, thereby requiring a transplant in extreme conditions. Signs that show you may have it include leg pain, heart attack, erectile dysfunction, and poor wound healing.

If you would love to live long on earth, you would have to check on your health frequently. You would need to know how to prevent atherosclerosis in different ways. Having a general knowledge of the preventive techniques and those that pertain only to specific age grades will help you in becoming more resourceful and helpful to others.

Smoking is something you must quit if you don't want to have this problem. This is because smoking raises the level of LDL in the blood and reduces HDL, High-Density Lipoprotein when the reverse is actually supposed to be the case. HDL should be high so that it can take away bad cholesterol in the blood and transport them to where they will be useful in the body. When this function fails, the cholesterol content in the blood is much and can, therefore, be deposited in the arteries.

The disease can also be prevented by exercising the body. It must not be something stressful though it gets better with longer workouts. However, a simple 30 minutes walk each day is fair enough and recommendable for adults and seniors. Young people in their 20s can afford to participate in yoga or more intense workouts.

There are certain conditions you should also try to avoid because they make having atherosclerosis more possible. They include diabetes, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, and diabetes. These diseases are also linked to each other. For example, obese people are likely to have high blood pressure and the accumulation of cholesterol in the body can cause obesity.

The kind of food you eat can either prevent or promote the course of atherosclerosis. If you eat high-rich cholesterol foods, you will quickly start showing symptoms of this disease. Instead of butter and cheese all the time, choose vegetables and salad. Consuming vegetables may be quite daunting but one way of accomplishing this is to tell your spouse about it. The both of you can easily devise a feeding plan or in a family setting, each member decides on the vegetable to take for each day.

To reduce the number of plaques formed by cholesterol, one's metabolic rate has to be high. One of the ways to achieve this very easily is by having adequate rest. If you can find between 6 and 8 hours to sleep every day, this would not be your problem.

In old age, it becomes more difficult to engage in all these activities that help to break down fats in the arteries. Alternatively, they are presented with drugs which perform the same purpose and also work faster. If seniors took their drugs accordingly, there will be fewer cases of deaths by this disease. So, the ball lies in their court as they can increase their chances of living longer, even by more than a decade.

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