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Useful Information Regarding Wichita Endocrinologist

By Arthur Bailey

Endocrinology is the study of hormones. This medical field deals with hormonal disorders and the work different body hormones do. Hormones are important in the body since they assist in controlling different body activities and they have various impacts on different processes within the body. Reproduction, growth and development, food absorption, and metabolism are some of these processes. This is worth knowing about Wichita endocrinologist.

Glands normally secrete hormones. Medical practitioners who specialize in the study of hormones are known as endocrinologists. Such professionals do specialize in the study of hormones released in the body and glands. They also do diagnosis and treatment of a variety of medical problems as part of their duties. Examples of conditions they treat include diabetes and hypothyroidism among many others.

To become an endocrinologists, one must complete at least ten years of rigorous training at the post-high school level. After attaining all academic requirements, one must then proceed to become licensed within the state they intend to practice. Becoming licensed requires one to take and pass a licensure examination. Board certification is usually optional in this field of medicine.

The professional duties and responsibilities of these practitioners are diverse. The care offered by the endocrinologists is supposed to be life-long as most conditions like diabetes are normally chronic and incurable. Endocrinologists are also supposed to help patients whom they handle to cope with physical limitations coming from the diseases which they might have. Typical daily duties include prescribing medication, doing minor surgical procedures, giving injections and ordering tests.

The most performed duties by these professionals are always determined by the kinds of patients handled, work setting, and area that they have specialized in. This is a very lucrative field and many people are still being attracted to it. Endocrinology course must be studied in a medical school that has been accredited. One should have good qualifications so that they can get a chance in a medical school because admissions are usually very competitive.

Admission into medical school usually requires one to have a bachelor degree from a suitable course. It takes four years to graduate from medical school. Most people usually proceed to complete residency program which takes 3 to 4 years. Some of the fields in which one can complete residency include gynecology, internal medicine, and pediatrics.

After completing residency, one proceeds to complete their training by taking a 3-year fellowship program. Fellowship program that one can complete may be in fields like reproductive, pediatric, or adult endocrinology. A state license can only be issued after one completes the fellowship. With a license, one can start unsupervised practice.

It is indicated by BLS that jobs in this field will continue growing. The BLS is the agency in charge of collecting labor statistics in the US. It is expected that this field will have a 14 percent growth. The continuing aging of the American population and population increase steer this demand. Population increase and aging are projected to lead to a rise in medical services. By 2015, endocrinologists and other specialist doctors earned a median salary of 411,852 dollars.

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