Saturday, December 15, 2018

Understanding Laser Home Therapy For Arthritis

By Jennifer Roberts

Human beings are prone to the attack of different pathogens even though the body tries to fight them with its immune system. Sometimes though, the attack overpowers the immune system and when this happens, the person gets down in ill health. This can be arthritis and the rest of them. But Laser home therapy for arthritis can help to alleviate the pain.

The term arthritis is used when there are pains around the joints. These pains can be one of the following four types namely, metabolic, inflammatory, infectious and degenerative. Although the causes of these pains are different, they all come with the same symptoms. For example, there are swelling, rigidity, and pains on the joints. It happens to everybody even though the elderly ones are more at a risk of having it.

The body's immune system serves as the defense mechanism which fights against foreign agents. Degenerative arthritis, for example, is caused by the invasion of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, virus, and so on. The body's immune system responds to this invasion by causing inflammation. The role of this inflammation is to localize the disease, trapping the microbes at that vicinity, dilating blood vessels to deliver antibodies, which is one reason for swelling, and increased sensitivity to the neurons at the site is the reason for pain and tenderness.

The laser is short for Light Amplification by the stimulation of emitted radiation. Laser therapy is the use of this stimulated radiation to penetrate tissues and cells relieving the symptoms of inflammation. This treatment is safe and comfortable and does not require anti-inflammatory medications and on this ground, it is much to be preferred for patients with pharmacophobia.

This treatment alleviates the symptoms by using infrared light at a low level which can penetrate the tissues and produce a series of physiological responses. It has a number of advantages over other treatment methods. It is not painful so does not impose more trauma to the tissues, it can be used for all ages and the photons it emits triggers the growth of collagen fibers, a constituent of the joint ligament, capsule, synovial membrane, and muscle tendons, improving healing and leaving the joints healthier and stronger.

Arthritic swelling of the joints also poses some inconveniences with movement as it is the joint of the body that is primarily for locomotion. Going to some hospitals to seek medical attention causes more injury to the affected joints and can increase the symptoms and pain; overall, the situation will be aggravated.

When this treatment is brought home, patients are more relieved. This service is important for those with severe arthritic conditions who may be unable to take a step out of the house. So many aged men and women are in this condition and they look so fragile that they can hardly walk. The weakness of their bones and muscles are also the reasons why they find movement difficult.

Home treatment ensures faster recovery because the patients do not undergo the same stress as those that are in the hospital. Anything they need is provided for them and they are happy. Since happiness is also important for recovery, their chances of recovering from arthritis are increased.

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