Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Exercise - Prevent Chronic Diseases

Exercising is the best way to stay fit and healthy. Regular exercise can help protect you from certain diseases such as heart diseases and high blood pressure. It also prevents obesity, back pains, osteoporosis and help you relieve stress and improve your mood. There are many benefits of exercise. It is important that you are aware of the health benefits that you can acquire by doing this activity to achieve and have a healthy lifestyle.
Some people have lack of understanding of the benefits exercise can give, the reason why they don't engage in this kind of activity. They don't realize how exercise is very effective in making them feel good and healthy. Here are some health benefits that are responsible to a healthy and fit body:

Daily physical activity can help prevent heart disease and stroke. By exercising, it strengthens your heart muscle, lowers your blood pressure and raises your high-density lipoprotein. It is also responsible in improving blood flow, and increasing your heart's working capacity. It helps your heart function more efficiently.

Regular exercise can reduce high blood pressure as well as body fatness that usually cause the increase in blood pressure. Physical activity helps to reduce body fat by building muscle mass and improving the body's ability to use calories. With regular exercise and combined with proper nutrition, it can help control weight and prevent obesity which is a major risk factor for many diseases.

By developing muscle strength and endurance, improving flexibility with good posture, exercise is a big help to prevent back pains and stiff necks. To prevent osteoporosis, regular weight lifting exercise promotes bone formation accompanied with calcium intake. This may absolutely prevent many forms of bone loss associated with aging.

Exercise boosts your energy level. Regular physical activity can leave you breathing easier. You can move faster because you are not over weight and it helps your entire cardiovascular system which is the circulation of blood through your heart and blood vessels, work more efficiently. When your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you'll have more energy to do the things you enjoy.

Regular physical activity can also improve your mood and boost your self esteem. Researchers also have found that exercise is likely to reduce depression and anxiety and help you to better manage stress. Experts usually recommend that you do 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic activity three times a week or more and some type of muscle strengthening activity and stretching at least twice a week. Live a worry free and stress free life to look and feel younger and healthy.

It's not only important to make sure you're getting regular exercise but also the right nutrition. Juicing will help with this, use a juicer such as Oster blender or the Magic Bullet blender.
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