Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why And How To Stop Smoking?

I think most people know the WHY part of stopping smoking, but what about the HOW part?
In this article I will give a run through on the top reasons why we should stop smoking, but I would like to say I will not use the normal scare tactics and talk about your health and finances and blah blah, because you know that already. I will then go on to talk about how you can quit smoking, and where you can find resources to truly help you.

For most of us, the WHY is glaringly obvious: Improved health, improved finances, improved confidence. This is not necessarily enough reason to make people quit though. Government scare campaigns, for the large part, have failed. Smokers do not see a picture of a blackened lung and stop smoking, in fact, they usually feel more anxious upon seeing these images, and that makes them smoke even more.
I don't believe that these campaigns even help to prevent youngsters from starting to smoke either, every youngster knows that one experimental cigarette won't get them hooked, and when they light it up and see how bad it tastes, they further believe they aren't going to get hooked, so it is OK for them to smoke a few more experimental ones.

No, the real reason to stop smoking, is because anybody who smokes has fallen victim to the biggest and most powerful trap that man and nature ever conspired together to create. The nicotine trap. We are brainwashed from an early age into believing that cigarettes are precious and give immense pleasure, and that this is where the addiction comes from. A dying man in a movie is always given a cigarette, the last request of a doomed man is for a cigarette. Our conscious minds might not notice the message, but our subconscious takes it in.

Furthermore, we are always reminded how difficult quitting is, how reliant our body is on cigarettes. The thought that our body can be reliant on anything but water, food and sleep, is a strange thought to me. This is how confusing the message has got.

In truth, if you are smoking, you are just putting a poison into your body, a very addictive one at that, and the pleasure DOES NOT COME until you extinguish that cigarette, forcing the nicotine to rapidly leave your body and your brain to begin to crave nicotine, which in turn makes you light up another one, and there is the pleasure, the relief at ending the cravings.

You didn't enjoy your first cigarette did you? The more you smoked, the more pleasurable smoking seemed to be, why was that?

Simply because the more established the circle of craving became, the more you thought you enjoyed smoking, but you were in fact just ending cravings.

So why quit smoking? Because there is nothing to quit. Why put something that is terrible into your body, once you have realised it is doing nothing? why pay through your nose to poison yourself when there are no advantages at all? Does it make sense?

The question is not WHY quit smoking, but WHY KEEP SMOKING?

As for the HOW to quit smoking, that is simple to. Just stop smoking. Read Allen Carr's book for more information if you do not believe what I am saying here, because everything I have learned came from him, and I failed to quit so many times until I read his book.

You really have been brainwashed. Question everything you think you know about smoking, see a cigarette for what it really is. NOTHING.

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