Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How To Take Care Of Yourself After A Gastric Bypass Surgery

By Kerri Stout

Going through an invasive procedure can be a bit tough. You need to prepare yourself before that procedure so that you can be in your ideal and stable condition during the operation. You even have to prepare for what would happen after that. After care is a very common concern for those going through an invasive procedures, especially if it is a gastric bypass surgery in Mexico.

If you are getting this procedure, then you need to pay attention to your after care. First, you need to supplement vitamins to your body to ensure that you are receiving the right amount of nutrition your recuperating body needs. You have to keep up with your regimen of multivitamins to ensure that you remain healthy even if your food intake is reduced due to post op protocols.

Water is crucial to recuperation. Thus, you have to drink water as much as you can on an everyday basis. This should help you stay hydrated. Even though it might be a bit difficult because technically you have a reduced stomach size, you should still keep yourself hydrated so that you can avoid complications.

If the food has high content of sugar and fat, then you better stay away from it. Such foods have very high calorie content. Remember that after the procedure you are only allowed to consume very few calories. If you do follow the said recommendation, you might end up with abdominal cramps and vomiting.

Drinking water or any other fluid should not be in large amounts, especially before a meal. During meal time, it is essential that the stomach gets filled with foods that are rich in nutrients, not by liquids. You need to avoid drinking anything for about forty minutes before meal time and twenty to thirty minutes afterward.

Carbonated and alcoholic drinks must be avoided at all cost. These are full of empty calories and will simply upset the stomach. They are not recommended while you are on your way to having your new stomach and your small intestines. You should be able to get an explanation from your doctor as to why you should avoid these drinks.

Do not be afraid to do some light exercises. As soon as you can get up and walk, you should do so. You have to avoid having your muscles stiffen up. Of course, the exercise should not be rigorous. You can start by walking around the yard or the neighborhood. You can build your regimen there.

Your body is your boss. Thus, you need to listen to it. Only eat food when you are actually hungry. Stop eating when you are already full. Do not be greedy when it comes to food, especially after the operation because it will just add stress to your stomach. If you can, you should ask for a diet from your doctor.

There will be small changes brought about by this operation. Of course, this does not mean that your whole life will change just because you took this operation. However, it would be good if this operation helps you change for the better. It should help you start taking better care of yourself.

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