Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Availability Of Paraben Free Skin Care Products

By Karina Frost

Skin care products come in various type and forms and numbers. Many different compounds are used to manufacture including synthetic and natural substances. The shelf life of cosmetics is extended by the use of preservatives. Some of the most commonly used preservatives belong to a group of ester compounds known as parabens. Usage of this group of preservatives has however been controversial due to side effects. Therefore, paraben free skin care products have been designed.

The use of preservatives is important in prevention of overload of contaminants such as bacteria and fungi in cosmetics. There are other components that also damage cosmetics such as light and air. Therefore, preservatives are very important without which the use of cosmetic product becomes fatal. Moreover, others are the cause of allergic reactions and toxicity among people.

Paraben metabolites have been found in small deposits in the breast cancer tissue of cancer patients. The study that made these findings links the resulting cancer to the use of these metabolites. In addition, they are thought to be able to penetrate the skin barriers and accumulate in tissues. Other scientists have concluded that they cause organ toxicity. For some other studies, this toxicity is only revealed when large quantities are applied.

Some parts of the body are absolutely sensitive to parabens. The mucous membranes of the eyes are extremely sensitive to such chemicals and therefore eye make up removers should not contain this compound. Eye creams with parabens are known to cause irritation when they get to the eyes. In addition, facial cleansers and moisturizers that lack the compound are recommended for sensitive skins.

Industries have resulted to alternatives for parabens despite a lack of consensus on its implication. One of these is grape fruit seed in other names Citrus Paradisi. Other alteratives that have found their way into industries are phenoxyethanol and benzyl alcohol. Other manufacturers prefer essential oils such as cinnamon, tea tree and lavender.

Organic acids have also been used for preservation. Their principle for function is through dissociation into an acid salt which has activity against microorganisms. With increasing pH levels, more of the acid is converted into acid salt slowly. Combining this salt with preservation agents such as diazolidinly urea makes an effective agent. Acids are however only used for acidic formulations and do not work for those higher in the pH scale.

These alternatives do not have a proven record of safety due to the short duration they have been in use. When in doubt of the preservative, it is prudent to use oil based organic cosmetics. Water based cosmetics have to employ preservatives. They are however a little bit difficult to use as they have to be used with a pump and in dark rooms to prevent the disintegration effect of air and light.

Regardless, consumers need to look at the ingredients list of any product that they want to purchase. The information about the toxicity of various chemicals that you may encounter can be cross referenced in an online database. Remember, all natural and safe does not always mean that the product is safe. Always choose paraben free cosmetics.

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