Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tips For Relief Without Relying On Upper Back Pain Medicine

By Marlene Blevins

Feeling a painful sensation around the backside is definitely a bad sign. This means that there is something wrong with the body and you should not ignore it. You have to relieve yourself of that painful sensation so that it does not affect your daily life anymore. Here are the things you can do for that without using upper back pain medicine.

First, you should remember to rest. If it hurts a lot, then taking a break allows you to relieve the painful sensation for a bit. Of course, you should not allow too much time to pass before you start moving again. After resting a bit, return to the activity you are doing slowly. Also, avoid those activities that might make the sensation worse.

The heating pads and ice packs are your friend. You should use the heat from the heating pad to reduce the painful feeling you are enduring along with the stiffness. The coldness from the ice pack can provide the same relief for you too. To find out which one works for you the best, alternate between the two options.

Go for a regular exercise routine. Of course, you should go about it after you have ask your physical therapist about the kinds of exercises that you are allowed to do. The exercises are usually those that can help you stretch and strengthen your muscles. If you have strong muscles, then the triggers for the painful sensation will be lessened.

Your posture is a factor as to why you are experiencing backpain. You should have a good posture to be able to eliminate the painful feeling. You should not worry if you have a bad posture because you can easily practice the good one. For a good posture, you should get yourself used to standing or sitting tall. No slumping and slouching either.

Ask for the assistance of a counselor. You can also ask for the assistance of this professional aside from the physical therapist's or the doctor's. If you ask for the assistance of this professional, you will be asked to go through cognitive-behavioral therapy where you will learn how to control your backpain through thoughts and behaviors.

Stress is definitely a factor as to why you are feeling that painful sensation on your backside. Thus, a person is highly encouraged to learn ways on how you can reduce stress. If you are too stressed, then that will just make the painful sensation feel worse. To relieve your stress, try relaxation exercises, meditation, or deep breathing.

Eating is a happy hobby. Thus, you should eat as much as you can. When you are eating, focus on foods that can give you nutrients, specifically vitamin D or calcium. These are the required nutrients the body should have to be able to avoid the osteoporosis disease.

Smoking is a habit that you should quit. You should never smoke because this will just decrease blood flow. It also slows down healing. It will not be of benefit for you if you continue to smoke. If you are having a hard time quitting this habit, then you should contact a support group to help you out.

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