Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tips In Making EGF Skin Care Products A Lot More Effective

By Karina Frost

Preserving the youthful appearance of the face is a given for people, especially for women. After all, retaining youthfulness is the same as retaining beauty for them. For them to retain their youthfulness, they will require EGF skin care products. These are effective but you can actually improve its effectiveness more. Here are some useful tips that should help you improve the merchandise's effectiveness.

First, exfoliating is a given. You need to exfoliate and this is the first step that you have to do before anything else. Exfoliating means that you will be getting rid of the dead cells that are on your face. When you can eliminate these dead cells, you can basically get rid of the barriers that are hindering the optimum effectiveness of your merchandise.

When it comes to your epidermis, the rule is always first-come-first-serve. This means that the first substance that comes into contact will be the one to be absorbed first. The most active ingredients that you need to fight off whatever problems you want to eliminate should be applied on your epidermis first then.

Apply the merchandise when your face is still damp or right after you have washed your face. The damp epidermis acts like a real sponge, absorbing almost everything that comes its way. That is why it is better for you to apply the said merchandise on your face when you have just washed your face and while it is damp, not wet.

When you are washing your face, it is highly recommended that you do it with lukewarm water. After all, the lukewarm water will increase the temperature of your epidermis a bit. When this happens, the dilation of the blood vessels or pores will happen. This will then promote more space between cells. This then means better absorption.

You should also boost the absorption rate of the said goods by your epidermis by topping it off with heavy and occlusive ointments. You can find those thick ointments and creams that have large amounts of oils, butters, and waxes as the best occlusive agents to use. Avoid the Vaseline in your medicine cabinet though since this can cause acne.

Learn how to take advantage of retinoid. When using retinoid, it is highly recommended that you use it at night. During the night, especially when you are at sleep, the body's temperature will increase. There will be a dilation of the vessels and pores then. When this happens, the space between the cells absorb the retinoid better.

You can use serums. The serums are otherwise known as cleansers. If you are talking about serums, then you should be able to rely on a concentrated source of the active ingredient you need for your face. The ingredient is also in a simple form, thus promoting better, quicker, and complete penetration without any hindrances.

Learn how to combine your goods correctly. For example, you can say that the sunscreen and antioxidants are perfect match. They are born to get married. If you do that, you can improve the effectiveness of the said goods. You should learn how to match the other goods correctly too. With that, you can get the most out of the goods that you have purchased.

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