Sunday, May 10, 2015

Auto Accident Injury Sufferers Find Pain Relief With Trusted Laguna Hills, CA Chiropractor

By Katy Parfait

Extreme pain is common among car accident victims. People can deal with a lot of discomfort even when their injuries do not seem severe. Working with the providers at a Laguna Hills chiropractic office can help consumers get safe and natural relief.

Jarring impacts frequently cause spinal alignment problems known as subluxations. When the spine is subluxated, the vertebrae are no longer positioned correctly. These injuries can disrupt messages between the nerves and the brain. They also lead to tension in the muscles nearby the spine as these muscles are going to have to start working a lot harder.

It is also common for people to experience various forms of joint dysfunction as the result of these events. This is affects the neck and shoulder areas. Chiropractors have an array of therapies that they can use to resolve the discomfort that is caused by whiplash and spinal subluxations.

People who receive this type of care are often able to get long-term results. Using pain pills to alleviate discomfort is only a very short-term solution. These products can also cause a number of highly unpleasant side effects. On the other hand, chiropractors focus on the causes of pain so that they can help people start feeling better and functioning like they should.

People can look forward to receiving individualized therapies. Their providers will structure integrated plans of care that are designed to meet their unique needs. These can include inversion table therapies for alleviating spinal pressure, massage for pain relief, ultrasound to alleviate swelling and improve mobility and manual adjustments to correct spinal alignment.

Resolving spinal health issues like subluxations can expedite the healing process. Proper spinal alignment promotes enhanced immune functioning. This will also alleviate much of the joint dysfunction and nerve and muscle pain that people commonly experience as the result of car accidents.

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