Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How To Conduct Effective Classroom Walkthroughs

By Tammie Caldwell

Teachers and students are always observed by the school leader. A walkthrough is actually the name of this procedure. Principals are often seen doing it to their schools because they want to know the alteration of the institution or acknowledge the things that must be improved. Walkthroughs can generally affect the educational institution, students and the teachers.

School leaders are assigned in imparting the observation. Classroom walkthroughs are truly important for the advancement of the educational institution. Observing the class can greatly benefit everyone in the educational community. It is considered as the process for the development of the educators. Here are things to consider during the observation.

Before you begin the observation, it is essential that you are fully knowledgeable about the common elements in having a walkthrough. The observations must be concise. It may only requests you three or more minutes. The people who are involved in this activity are the principal, administrators, teachers and the instructional leaders.

Walkthroughs can give the school leaders and other assigned staff to supply feedback to the teacher they observe. The feedback can deeply help the teachers since they will start building reflections from it. Student achievement is also part of the observation.

During the walkthrough, observing the performance of the learners also matter since they are part of the learning environment. Even by just watching them for a few minutes will already give you perception about how active and engaging the learners are during the lesson sharing. What these students do, so you will know their engagement, is the way they take down notes, listen to the discussion or interact to the teacher.

You must observe the lessons given particularly the learning objectives. Assessment must be done here through looking at what the teacher is teaching. It is important that the learning objectives are connected or aligned with the curriculum. What the educator is sharing to the students must coincide to what he is writing on his lesson plan. Ethical standards must also be a part of this procedure.

Relation of the teachings to the previous learning targets is important since it aids in the better learning of the students. When lessons are not aligned then learners will find it complicated to understand. They will find the lesson confusing. An educator must be able to administer a good procedure and process.

The instructional schemes used by the educators are also useful even if there are a lot of it. Students find it easy to understand the lesson through a specified method. Teachers must select a technique which they think is efficient. The effectiveness of the chosen strategy can outstandingly affect the learning of the child.

Before you start the walkthrough, you must inform the school staff first. Safety and health contents must also be observed. Though the visit may only be done for at least three minutes but it is recommended that you tell the teacher if you are going to stay for a few more minutes. The observation does not only benefit the teachers but you, as an observer, as well.

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