Thursday, May 7, 2015

Benefits Of Baby Swimming Lessons Offered In West Chester, PA

By Joanna Walsh

When kids are taught how to swim at a young age, they develop confidence and become good swimmers with time. There are swim classes for babies in different ages. Every baby has a great potential of becoming a good swimmer as long as they learn the skills needed to become one. Experts say that babies usually have a natural reflex of closing their epiglottis when they are under water but if they do not go through swimming instructions they will forget this natural skill. You can attend baby swimming lessons along with your kid in West Chester, PA to help them develop swim skills.

The lessons are offered in a thirty minute session in which every parent is required to be actively involved. The instructors teach how to handle and hold your baby when teaching them how to swim and also guide you in the same process. Children accepted are usually of three age groups; three to twelve months, one and two years and also two to three years. The instructor is often professionals who understand that it requires patience for the babies to master the skills.

The classes involve three major steps. The steps take time and apply to children in different ages; you can only advance to the next step after the required skills are mastered. The first step involves preliminary skills where babies are taught to adapt the water surrounding and discover their movements and balance. They are also assisted in submersion and fundamental breath control procedures. In addition, there are also assisted in floating and jumping the pool.

The second step is advanced and entails advanced breath control procedures. In this case, they are taught how to hold their breath and blow bubbles with the use of their mouth. They also get to know submerging and moving in water without help. In addition, this step involves unaided jumping in, floating or submersion in water.

The last step, babies, are taught to control fully and hold their breaths as they blow bubbles via their mouths and noses. Additionally, they learn to kick, rotate and paddle independently. They will also learn to be confident while in water, and the safety measures needed while swimming.

Baby swimming classes are associated with both physical and social benefits. Socially, the bond between a parent and baby is strengthened since parents spend more time as they teach their babies. They also get to interact and socialize with other children who are in attendance. Physically, swimming strengthens baby muscles as well as improves body coordination and balance.

Babies also learn cognitive skills from the swimming classes. It improves their memory since there are symbols and gestures that are introduced during the program. The confidence of the babies is improved through the classes as they learn difficult things like floating on water that take time. With time, their fear for water reduces and they become good swimmers.

Lastly, it is important to consider taking your child to swim classes at a tender age. At that age, they will learn skills that will come in handy in the later life. The classes can also build a passion to swim that may see your child land into swimming competitions and become a pro.

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