Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Post Polio Disability Claims Information

By Ericka Marsh

Numerous older adults aren't aware the they can be granted disabled benefits for past illnesses. Especially those people that were effected in the 1950's by viral illnesses, as they only think of retirement age and do not recall as children they suffered from viral infections that were debilitating. That's why PPS or the syndrome that's associated with post polio disability is not heard of often and SSA has had so few claims for it.

The opportunity to collect your medical and monetary benefits due to being disabled from this debilitating disease did not go away simply because your suffering ended with the original viral infection from the 50's. The after effects of said illness can hit up to 40 years later. Symptoms include atrophy of muscles, joint breakdown, fatigue and deformities o bones like scoliosis.

Social Security is now seeing a larger number of applications including information on PPS, known as the syndrome effecting people who had the original illness. If your first bout was severe, doctors think that PPS will be even more severe and this is very true for those who had years of good physical health just before having been diagnosed with PPS. Characteristics of this include years of seriously declining issues that are followed by short periods of no problems at all.

It can be totally disabling for many people, and symptoms can interfere with daily life and normal functioning. Weakened muscles in the chest, throat and diaphragm can cause problems eating, swallowing, breathing and talking as well as walking. So it is very important that help be sought from SSA to get benefits if your physical issues are due to PPS.

There are some medical questions and requirements that have to be dealt with in the application process. You won't need original medical records showing your infection but will need all current ones showing PPS issues. This includes breathing issues, problems with talking, eating and walking as well as problems using your arms as they are all symptoms.

Any speech pathology reports stating problems with talking or swallowing are important. Physician notes showing difficulty with daily life and the lack of activity you can perform would be good to include. Without these it may be difficult to get approved for any assistance.

There are other options regarding your capability of working as far as the Social Security Administration is concerned. Your capacity to work would be determined by a residual function capacity test as well as looking at your education level, to decide if you can do any kind of work. Some people can only work sitting, while others are very limited physically and cannot speak coherently to others making employment impossible.

If you've always been in positions of a certain type and can't do that kind of work anymore, you might be given training for free on how to do another job if you are under the age of 50 and physically capable. If you're found medically unable due to PPS however, you may be awarded your Disability case. To get details about your specific case, it's best to speak with an attorney.

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