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Functions Of A Dentist In Olympic Village Vancouver

By Ericka Marsh

Dentists are health personnel who deal with oral care. They provide both restorative and preventive measures for the teeth and mouths of the patients. In most cases, they work independently; in that they are allowed to run their businesses through which they provide oral care. On the other hand, others work under the supervision of their boss and are paid salaries. Most of such individuals work in community schools, in hospitals, in parastatals or any other place. Every dentist in Olympic Village Vancouver is trained to treat both the young and the elderly.

A basic function of such practitioners is the provision of education to patients. They provide proper instructions on how to carry out teeth hygiene through brushing, flossing and other techniques hence preventing tooth decay. Their working premises, usually hospitals and clinics becomes the place of offering such education. At times, on contractual basis, the government hires them to offer education to general public.

These experts also carry out diagnosis and teeth examination using x ray devices and any other diagnosis machine. Through the use of specialized devices, dentists are usually able to detect oral problems such as dental cavity and tooth decay. After detection, they are able to offer solutions to the problem before it is too late. Treatment strategies are arrived at upon diagnosis.

These experts in Vancouver, BC also undertake a number of teeth procedures. Some of these procedures include teeth filling, removal and restoration of teeth which have been affected by decay. In some situations, the gum may have been affected. At such a time, it should be treated as well. Delay in treatment may lead to spread of the disease to the throat and other parts. When the situation is critical, surgery may be required. Surgery at times is the best solution to prevent further problems.

Recall that there is need for one to maintain a proper bill of health in the long run. Proper record keeping on patients is done by oral doctors. Close monitoring of procedures such as taking of medicine and recovery processes is done by such doctors. The history of diseases on patients is kept confidential, hence examine for cases of new infections or diseases.

An important aspect of their work is providing prescriptions for different infections. Recall that dental care is a wide area and requires hygiene. Part of their work is providing marketing services to their duties to their patients. This is done through advertising in the media and promoting new methods of dental care, for example using recommended toothpaste.

Dentists who are in administrative positions may have additional tasks such as training, management and recruitment. There are also unions which these experts can be part of. Such individuals help in the running of the hospital such as managing equipment stock and managing hospital supplies. They may also be involved in running the finances of the institution.

Oral practitioners are tasked with keeping in touch with new developments in the field. This may be infections and diseases that are new and need further research. They are times called to offer advice to health ministries in the long run. They undergo continuous professional development through seminars and workshops hence advance their skills and knowledge in this manner.

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