Saturday, April 16, 2016

Danger Signs That Show You Should Stop Dieting Now

By Kimberly Mitchell

It is okay for people to desire a healthy body weight. Unfortunately, the way some people do it is not right and may cause irreversible damage to the body. You need to know that, intense slimming programs usually come with serious repercussions that will make you stop dieting now.

Fasting to lose weight is disruptive. You stop living your life and start observing new rules such as daily weight monitoring, changing eating patterns and the kind of food you eat. Your body takes time to adjust to such abrupt changes. This phase is very uncomfortable and may affect your productivity in your life.

In most cases, fasting to shed off weight, advocates for low-calorie diets. These eating habits encourage the body to break down the stored fat first to produce energy. When fat deposits are depleted and the body is not getting enough nutrients from food, it attacks the muscles a situation that leaves you weak ad frail.

While on a slimming program, you will be forced to abstain from your favorite delicacies. It is thus no surprise to get bouts of intense cravings which you can hardly control. Such a tussle between your desire to slim and your cravings can seriously affect your emotional stability.

Your will to lose weight at all cost and the desire for your body eat may reach critical antagonistic levels where you find yourself overeating and at the same time inducing vomiting just to sustain the fast. This is an extreme emotional disorder which, if not checked, can ruin your health. If you find mental state bordering this condition, seek urgent medical help and quit the slimming program.

At this stage, your emotions are in disarray. You become easily irritable and can hardly talk for long without angry outbursts. You start experiencing deteriorating relationships due to poor communication. Eventually this affects your family and work life and leaves you devastated. It does not have to come to this. You can still take control and do things the right way.

When the obsession to slim lingers for a considerable time, it becomes psychic. This is a very unfortunate state. Coupled with an extreme fear of adding weight, it can push someone to starvation. At this stage, you need the help of a mental health practitioner to help recover your sanity. So, if you are on a similar diet and can still reason, you need to let go before the situation worsens.

In most cases, when people finally attain the weight they desire through a fasting program, they go on an eating spree and soon after become obese. This beats the reason for torturing yourself only to end up heavier than you originally were. This becomes a vicious cycle that reduces you purpose in life to one thing weight loss. Your self-esteem is distorted because you see yourself as a failure. Snap out of this lie because there are other things in life that matter and you can even lose weight the healthy way without endangering yourself.

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