Friday, April 15, 2016

Tips For Triathletes From A Triathlon Coach

By Jerry West

No one in this world would want an unhealthy body. Of course, everyone wants to be healthy that is why most people do some exercises everyday or every weekends. Exercise is important because it strengthen your muscles and burn the calories that are stored in your body.

Exercise does not only gives us strength and energy, but it also gives us a physically fit body. There are lot of simple exercise which you can do like biking, running, and swimming. But there are other people who do all of these all altogether and they are called triathletes, and they are trained by their triathlon coach in order to achieve all of these.

Triathletes are athletes who enter into competition which forms three parts and those are the biking, swimming and running. Being like this one, you would have to endure a hard training and do a lot of preparation. Here are some method on how to prepare to become your dream of being a triathlete.

Be equipped. You must be prepared before doing all the necessary work out and exercises. You need to have the apparatus and the right suit to wear. This is in order for you to do the drills and the work out properly.

Organize the drill sessions. When preparing for this kind of race, you must balanced the length of time that you have to spend on training for each category. If you are already good in biking, but is bad in swimming the take longer hours in swimming. But remember, you should not be too much confident for that might cause your failure.

Do a solo training. Doing the drills with your buddies is really fun, but sometimes you would have to do it solo. This is in order for you to focus on your weaknesses and overcome them. This would also give you the time to feel at ease and just focus on improving yourself, instead of comparing yourself to your buddy who have done a lot of drills perfectly.

Do the drills step by step. Do not be such in a hurry. Remember that you are still a beginner so you must start from step one and do not jump immediately to those complex drills. A proper preparation is also a step by step process. If you would do immediately the hard ones, your body might not be able to cope with it.

Fuel up and eat. Trainings are exhausting. Make sure you always eat your meals on scheduled so that you will have enough power in doing your next drills. Ask your fitness trainer as to the proper meal that is suitable for you and as to the quantity of the intake of food that is needed. Be sure not to go overboard because it is only you who will suffer the consequences.

Hydrate properly. Water is very essential in our body. It may be juts a plain, transparent liquid but it sure has a lot of nutrients. Make sure that you would always bring water during your training session. You can also try drinking fruit juices and other liquids which has a electrolytes, and other nutrients that are needed by the body.

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