Thursday, April 14, 2016

With A Doctor Practising Family Medicine Rocky Mount Citizens Can Remain Healthy

By Robert Wagner

It is a sad fact that far too many people only realize how precious their health is when it is in danger. When one suffers a serious injury, or contract a dread disease one realizes that no amount of money, status or possessions can buy back good health. That is why it is so very important to opt for a healthy life style from an early age. With help from a doctor specializing in family medicine Rocky Mount residents can rest assured that their health is in good hands.

Doctors regularly complain that their patients wait too long before seeking medical help for an injury or after experiencing uncomfortable symptoms for a while. There are numerous serious diseases that first manifest themselves as a common cold, for example. Untended injuries can cause infections and will only grow worse. It is very important to see the doctor if any untoward symptoms persist for longer that a few days.

Unfortunately, medical treatment is extremely expensive, especially when the services of a specialist or surgery becomes necessary. There are numerous families that simply cannot afford private health care and they have little choice but to rely on state subsidised facilities. Sadly, many of these facilities are ill equipped and short of resources.

The vast majority of families that are able to enjoy private health care have medical insurance. They can make an appointment to see their doctor when it is suitable and they do not have to see a different doctor with every visit. The doctor knows their background and medical history and is better equipped to quickly identify potential problems. This just emphasizes how important it is to rather make sacrifices in some areas, but to have some medical insurance in place.

One of the main benefits of seeing the same doctor each time is that a comprehensive medical record is created over time. Doctors readily admit that it is very difficult to make accurate diagnoses if the medical history of the patient is unknown. It is also very risky to prescribe medication when it is not certain what medication the patient used previously.

A long term relationship with a general practitioner also offer many other benefits. The doctor can be approached for advice on many health related issues. Patients frequently ask for advice on losing weight, on getting pregnant, on dealing with problems they experience with their children, for example. People tend to open up to their doctors because they know that the relationship is confidential.

Everybody should schedule a visit to their general practitioner at least once a year, even if they feel as healthy as can be. As one grow older, standard tests conducted once a year can help to identify latent medical problems at a very early stage. This makes treatment easier and in many cases it is even possible to prevent the development of serious diseases.

There can be no argument that a family doctors plays a very important role in helping his patients to maintain their health and to lead full, productive lives. If specialist treatment becomes necessary he will refer his patients to colleagues that he knows and trust. All families should enjoy the privilege of having a long term relationship with a doctor that will do everything possible to keep them in good health.

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