Saturday, April 16, 2016

Health Benefits Of Childrens Dance Classes Calgary

By Jennifer Turner

In a world filled with TV, games consoles, computers and the endless entertainment available online, it can be hard to get kids to do anything except sit in front of a screen. Childhood obesity is on the rise in many countries as sedentary lifestyles and junk food take their toll. One of the most fun ways to exercise and keep fit is dancing and childrens dance classes Calgary are a great place to get kids started.

From the time they can walk, toddlers will often sway along in time to music from the radio or mimic their parents as they boogie around the living room to their favorite tunes. It is an expression of joy at the music and even those without a natural sense of rhythm still love to move in time to a strong beat. Dancing makes people feel good and is an excellent work out for the body.

Children from as young as 3 can be enrolled in a class and benefit greatly from learning music and movement along with rudimentary dance steps. Often the class will include an element of story and song which improves a child's vocabulary and increases their confidence levels. A range of exciting and fun courses can be found for youngsters such as pre-ballet or pre-tap which lead into lessons in these styles.

As the child gets older he or she might choose one particular style to concentrate on. Classic ballet and tap are both popular and have much to offer. Studios often expand the range of styles on offer to kids over 7 include more modern forms such as hip hop or jazz. All these forms are great fun and good exercise.

Every style of dancing has benefits to the health of your child. Apart from the obvious cardio workout, flexibility and stamina are improved. Fitness and strength from an early age are a great foundation for a healthy life in the future. The social interaction and expression of emotions through movement are also important factors in a child's development.

When we watch our children playing they can sometimes appear clumsy or uncoordinated and dance can help them hone their balance and fine motor skills. Ballet dancers especially tend to have poise and grace at all times thanks to their training. Even youngsters learning to plie require balance and tap dancers learning to multi task as each foot beats a different rhythm.

If your child enjoys their dancing and wants to progress, there are levels to be attained and classes which lead into exams in the major styles. Most studios will have all these available and be able to advise on them whereas smaller independent teachers might have to go to a school or third party to book examinations. Larger studios can also offer guidance and advice on careers in dancing and schools for the performing arts.

However old your child is, there are plenty of courses all year round. Many places offer summer camps and term time tuition as well as pre-school classes. Popular courses get fully booked quickly so you made need to register well in advance to make sure of getting a place on the course you want. Fees for courses and tuition vary depending on the age of the child and type of class taken.

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