Saturday, April 9, 2016

Diabetes Counseling Changing Lives Globally

By Debra Fisher

When the amount of glucose in the body is too high, it causes diabetes. The reason for increase of glucose in the body is due to the pancreases not producing enough insulin. This hormone allows glucose to enter the body cells and be used to produce energy. Glucose comes from digestion of carbohydrates and also from liver. When the body does not use the glucose, it piles up in the body causing diabetes. When you are diagnosed with it, you receive diabetes counseling.

When found suffering from this illness, there are risks associated; you get new types of treatments and your lifestyle changes. There is the need to start eating a healthy diet as it helps control the disease. This reduces the complications associated with the disease. If one is diabetic, its important that you go for training on nutrition. You get informed on the foods you should avoid and those you can eat.

Those suffering are advised to limit carbohydrates in the body. Carbohydrate comprises of starch, sugars and fiber. If you have to feed on carbohydrates feed on the foods with the required amount such as fruits, grains, vegetables and consume milk with low percentage of fat. Research has shown that irrespective of the source like in cakes, cereals and corns, it produces almost the same reaction as in blood sugar hence the amount of carbohydrates in food is what is important rather than the type.

Ensure you keep up with the same amount of carbohydrates being served in every meal daily. The process is vital mostly if the patient is on fixed doses of insulin. Majority of those consuming insulin can base their dosage on the level of carbohydrates being consumed depending on the blood sugar in their body. To be able to do it perfectly, one needs training from a professional.

Losing weight is another key thing that one required to. It reduces blood sugar and is effective because afterwards, a patient may no longer need to use their medications. You also need t restrict yourself from calories to achieve this. It may include substituting eating fatty meats for the lean ones. The best way to lose weight is by exercising every day.

Eating sodium ought to be limited too. Hypertension increases the risk of receiving heart attacks and stroke mainly to those who are suffering from diabetes. Blood pressure is reduces when one limits their body from sodium. The reason of it all is getting relieved of complications related to this ailment.

For those patients who drink alcohol, its important to know the amount that will work best with your body and keep diabetes under control. Alcohol can cause a rise in your blood sugar levels especially when it is combined with insulin. Alcohol contains calories and carbohydrates that will affect your body too.

People who are found to be diabetic, visiting a pharmacist is wise as they offer advice regarding the types of food you should eat. Follow their guidance because it helps in preventing the long term effects caused by the disease. Whenever you body is not functioning as usual, seek for help from an expert because study shows there are a significant number of people with diabetes but unaware.

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