Friday, June 15, 2018

A Few Lessons On Coping With Fibromyalgia Winnipeg Patients May Find Meaningful

By Sarah Clark

The exact cause of fibromyalgia is not known yet. What is known is its tendency to be familial. The disease has also been associated with environmental triggers including trauma, certain infections and depression. It has been theorized that fibromyalgia results in the central nervous system being sensitized, hence the pain. Subsequent sections of this article elaborate on ways of coping with fibromyalgia Winnipeg residents may find worthwhile.

The presentation is quite varied with the common denominator being pain. The hallmark feature is the fact that it tends to affect multiple systems in the body simultaneously, impairing their functionality. Muscles and fibrous tissues are most commonly affected, hence the name. Other forms of presentation include disturbance in sleep, , headaches, palpitations, poor vision, urinary tract anomalies and altered bowel habits.

Diagnosis of the disease depends on certain factors. In the criterion used for diagnosis, the pain should last longer than three months. In addition, the pain should be widespread enough to involve all the four quadrants of the body. This means that the areas above and below the waist, on either side, have to be involved.

Fibromyalgia is normally a clinical diagnosis. Laboratory investigations and radiological imaging have a minimal role to play. Their main use is to rule conditions that have similar signs and symptoms. In this regard, it is crucial for the clinician to take a detailed history and conduct a thorough physical examination. The doctor needs to find when the condition first manifested itself, its pattern of progression and whether there are any family members who suffer from the same. It is therefore key that the doctor creates good rapport with their patient.

Research is still ongoing to find cure for the condition. In the meantime, certain pharmaceutical products are of proving to be of help. These include analgesic agents such as opioids, drugs meant to treat depression and muscle relaxants. One needs to be extremely cautious when taking opioids because of their potentially fatal side effects. As a matter of fact, weak opioids should be tried first before resorting to the stronger ones. The decision to use the stronger options is only indicated when other pain relievers have proved ineffective.

An alternative form of managing the disease is incorporation of art and music into the lifestyle of the patient. The patients are also encouraged to exercise a number of times a day. Only tolerable levels of physical exercise are recommended and one can build up the intensity as days go by.

The prognosis of this condition is not good even though the disease is not a life threatening. Its poor prognostic nature is due to chronicity of the illness. Circumstances surrounding the illness can also contribute to poor prognosis. For instance, a person with fibromyalgia and depression concurrently may take time to achieve symptomatic relief.

In conclusion, fibromyalgia is a condition that can be adequately as long as there is a right attitude and approach. Since it affects only about five percent of the world population, it is still widely misunderstood. There is a need to educate the general population on what the condition is and how best affected persons can be assisted.

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