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To See Fibromyalgia Sufferers Winnipeg Is Worth Visiting

By Margaret Nelson

One of the musculoskeletal medical conditions is fibromyalgia. This disease normally causes widespread musculoskeletal pain, memory problems, sleep problems, mood issues, and fatigue among others. There is a belief that painful sensations are amplified with this disease. This happens because the style through which the brain processes pain signals is altered by the condition. As global statistics show, women are more prone to suffer from the disease than men. When in need of seeing Fibromyalgia Sufferers Winnipeg should be visited.

The disease is characterized by a number of symptoms, one of them being widespread pain. The nature of the pain is constant and dull. Often it is described by most as a pain experienced for at least three months. Besides this, the pain spreads out to the body on both sides and below and above the waist.

Fatigue is the other major symptom for this condition. Patients wake up fatigued despite not doing any job before sleeping. Also, some victims claim to wake up very tired even if they sleep for enough time. The sleep is sometimes intense to a point that one is awakened from sleep. Since this occurs repeatedly, patients end up developing sleep disorders such as restless legs syndrome and sleep apnea.

Another major symptom accompanying the disease is cognitive problems. This symptom makes the sick person develop a problem focusing, concentrating on metal tasks and paying attention. Fibro fog is the condition that leads to these mental problems. Migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, temporomandibular joint disorders and interstitial cystitis are other medical problems that occur to patients in most instances. Fibromyalgia commonly occur simultaneously with all these conditions.

At the moment, doctors still do not know what causes the condition. However, it is believed that the condition is caused by several factors that occur in combination. These factors include genetics, infections, physical trauma, and emotional trauma. This condition is believed to be genetic in nature because it runs in the family. Thus, people who whose parents or a family member has the condition have a higher likelihood of developing it too.

Research done on the patients also shows that fibromyalgia may be triggered or aggravated by some infections. Physical trauma and psychological stress are also major triggers. The condition may be triggered in a person by traumatic events in their life. By repeatedly exposing the brain to nerve simulations, some changes may take place inside the brain, triggering the condition. The brain produces too many neurotransmitters causing the brain change.

Specific aspects predispose individuals to this sickness. Among the factors is gender. Her, many women are diagnosed compared to men. The history of the family is another factor. Individuals with family members ailing from the disease are highly prone to contract the disease in future too. The likelihood of having the illness in future increases when one has specific disorders like, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

The daily routine of a patient at home and at their workplace can be altered by some effects brought by the condition. As the condition is not well understood, patients often end up depressed as they deal with it. Health-related anxiety may also develop in a patient.

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