Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Why The Primary Care Bel Air MD Physicians Offer Is So Critical

By Deborah Hill

A lot of people put off going to the doctor until they are so sick they don't have another choice. People end up in the emergency room for the same reason. Most individuals are guilty of going online and trying to diagnose themselves. In certain rural areas of this country access to healthcare is an issue. The fact is that the primary care Bel Air MD physicians, and others around the country, offer is critical for the overall health of the general population.

Some people think these physicians have such generalized training you only go to them when you have the flu or a virus. The fact is that these doctors are well trained to handle almost any condition, except in the most severe or unusual circumstances. They are the ones most likely to detect potential health problems, like chronic high blood pressure and diabetes. These doctors work with their patients to implement healthier lifestyle plans that will reduce or eliminate a lot of major health risks associated with these conditions.

There are several categories of these medical providers. Internists are doctors who work mostly with adults. Pediatricians handle infant care and childhood ailments until children reach early adulthood. Gynecologists and obstetricians deal with the health of women and reproductive issues. There are primary physicians who have their own specialties, such as geriatrics, sports medicine, and eating disorders.

Family medicine is another area handled by these doctors. Family physicians treat patients at all stages of life. They are concerned with helping individuals navigate the healthcare system. Because they see everyone in the family, these doctors are often better prepared to handle the family dynamics than a physician who sees just one member of a family. Helping patients find local resources available to assist them is another area they may assist with.

Doctors urge their patients not to wait until they are sick to make an appointment. Wellness checks are important in order to catch potential medical issues before they become serious. Most drivers would check in with their mechanics as soon as they heard an unusual noise rather than get stranded on the side of the road. They should do the same with their health.

When a community has primary healthcare providers the general health of the population improves. Studies have shown that inpatient admissions decrease over five percent, and emergency room visits decrease by almost eleven percent. There is even a seven percent decrease in surgical procedures.

Even in areas where the population consists primarily of the rural poor, having an adequate source of medical providers reduces the rate of infant mortality, increases baby birth weights, and increases the rate of immunization to meet or exceed national standards. The overall health of the community improves. This is a global phenomenon, not just an American one.

Providing adequate medical attention to every community is critical. It brings the cost of healthcare down and creates better outcomes for those with serious health issues. Studies show more than a quarter million deaths could be prevented each year by increasing the availability of primary care physicians.

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