Saturday, June 30, 2018

What You Should Know About Bariatric Surgery New Jersey

By Cynthia Clark

The struggle to lose weight is a huge reality for millions who try hard but either cannot lose the pounds or have a hard time keeping them off. Dieting can fail for some, which could put their life at risk if they are obese, as extra pounds could lead to heart disease, diabetes and more. In these cases, bariatric surgery New Jersey can help them achieve their goals and save lives.

There are a lot of bariatric options when it comes to weight loss surgery. To figure out which one is right for you, you will have to go through a consultation with your doctor. The one they choose will be largely based upon your current health, how fast you need to lose, and how many pounds you want to shed. Based on that, they will choose the right method.

One really popular method is called the sleeve gastrectomy. In this operation, the surgeon will take a sleeve that is shaped somewhat like a banana and insert it into your stomach. This will then allow you to eat less while still feeling sated and full, so that you can lose weight. People with a BMI or Body Mass Index of 35 or higher are generally qualified.

Gastric banding is an alternative to the sleeve where two pieces of equipment are placed inside the body. First, a band made of silicone is wrapped around the stomach, then an injection port is placed under the skin near the abdominal wall. The doctor injects saline into the port, which takes up room in your stomach so you feel full faster and on less food. The amount of saline can be adjusted periodically as you adjust your weight goals. You will need to visit the doctor fairly often with this procedure, even after you reached your goals.

Another process is called the Roux-en-Y. This one helps shrink your stomach by cutting into your small intestine and attaching it to a pouch so that your food bypasses a large section of the intestines. This means less food and therefore calories are absorbed into the body, which helps you lose weight quickly and easily.

There was a time in the past where surgeons had to use rigid scalpels and make large incisions in order to perform these procedures, which means larger scars. However, today technology lets robotics such as the da Vinci system do some of the work instead. The bendy instruments of these machines allows for less scars, tiny incisions and possibly even shortened recovery time.

These are popular procedures, but they are invasive and do require a hospital stay most of the time, but you can still get weight loss surgery without incisions. Gastric balloons such as ReShape and Orbera are possibilities if you need to lose between 25 and 50 pounds. A gastroscope is used to put a balloon into your stomach for up to six months, after which it is removed. All you need is a little local anesthesia and you are done.

Some of these procedures will require additional doctors visits, or even a whole new surgery, called a revision. This could happen if you are experiencing complications, or just need to adjust things as your goals change.

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