Wednesday, June 6, 2018

For Compounding Pharmacy Florida Is Worth Visiting

By Debra Myers

Pharmaceutical compounding is the process of combining and/or mixing various pharmaceutical ingredients with the intention of creating customized medication products that are meant to be used by a specific patient. Usually, the patient must have a prescription from a doctor for them to be legible for compounded medication. The facilities that offer these services are referred to as compounding pharmacies. When in need of Compounding Pharmacy Florida should be visited.

Compounding medication has proven beneficial in a number of ways to patients. Thus, it is a necessity for these pharmacies to exist. Nonetheless, the compounded medication also presents some disadvantages to public health and its users. For a start, compounded drugs often skip the tests that the FDA uses to certify the safety of medication for human consumption.

Another shortcoming that is associated with such medication is that production may not be done in the right way. The conditions under which the medications are produced may not be as clean or they may not meet the standards that are required by the FDA. Contamination of drugs is also something that is possible. Cases of contaminated of poorly prepared drugs have been reported before. In fact, patients have died as a result of poor drug preparation practices.

Regardless of the disadvantages associated with compounded medication, there are very many advantages associated with these products too. For instance, when large manufacturers of drugs are unable to sell the products they produce, it become costly to continue production. A low level of consumption of a drug usually translates into higher expenses of productions with low profits. In such cases, such manufacturers usually discontinue production of the drug.

When that happens, the small percentage of consumers that depended on that medication lose their supply, which may result in death of other adverse scenarios. To ensure that such patients continue having access to the medication, compounding is the only solution available. Such patients can go into a compounding pharmacy and have the pharmacist compound the medication specifically for the patient.

Another benefit that is associated with compounded medication is that they are easier to use. For instance, if a certain medication exists in a form that makes it hard to consume, such as large tablets or bitter syrups, it is possible to change that. What the pharmacist does is to make smaller tablets of the medication if size is the issue so that the patient can take them easily.

If bitterness is the issue, the pharmacist can compound a syrup that is sweeter by adding sweeteners without compromising the efficiency of the medication. Such medications are more suited for small children who find it hard to take bitter medication. Pets and old people may also benefit from the same. When compounding, certain ingredients can be taken out of a medication or others may be added to suit specific needs of the patient.

For pharmacists to make compounded medication, they often undergo specific training in the art of compounding medication. For students in medicine school, making of compounded drugs is among the courses covered. Finally, students have their skills tested in their work and during residency programs. Thus, safety of medication is assured.

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