Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A Few Notes On Laser Treatment For Pain And Inflammation

By Gregory Martin

Among the common symptoms that bother patients worldwide is inflammation and pain. Most conditions whether acute or chronic have these two as the main presenting complaints. They can occur in any system in the body. When this effect occurs in the gastric lining, it is called gastritis. Carditis is the name given to inflammation of muscles lining the heart. When the joints are involved, the condition is called arthritis. Physical injury can also cause acute inflammation of affected soft tissues. When other forms of treatment have been tried and failed, laser treatment for pain and inflammation could be the only savior for the ailing individual.

This therapy works through an interaction between the light rays emitted from the machine and biological components of the human body. The rays are directed at the particular area that is inflamed. They penetrate the soft tissues to trigger a reaction within the cellular structures. The end result is alleviation of symptoms.

Use of laser has an advantage over use of medication because it has no side effects related to drugs. To begin with, drugs are usually a challenge for anyone to take, not only because of their bitterness, they remind a person of their sad situation every time they take it. Therefore, compliance is a big challenge when it comes to using pain medication as a form of managing pain related conditions.

In comparison, laser therapy leaves the individual yearning for more because of how relaxing the sessions are. A typical session takes about ten minutes on average. As such, the working individual can be able to do their work and still go treatments on the same day without having to strain too much. For the health care provider, they have room to attend to more patients given the short duration of time required to attend to one.

The total number of sessions one can undergo depends on a number of factors. First of all, one needs to establish whether the condition is of recent onset or has been there for a good amount of time. The site affected also contributes on how many sessions one will need to go through. The financial ability of the patient is also of essence because the healthcare team may only provide as much as the patient can afford.

It is important to start treatment as soon as possible to increase the chances of rapid healing, in instances where tissues get inflamed as a result of physical injury. More than that, the amount of energy emitted from the source determines the adequacy of therapy. For the very severe forms of disease, greater energy quantities may be needed.

One major setback to use of this therapy is that it may not be effective in cases where the individual is actively bleeding. As a matter of fact, the procedure may result in deterioration of the patient. In this regard, hemorrhage needs to be sorted out first before laser is considered. Otherwise, other forms of pain management can be explored.

In summary, laser treatment is beneficial to patients suffering from both acute and chronic illnesses. It has the advantage of being highly therapeutic with no side effects. Extra care however needs to be taken in situations where there is active blood loss.

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