Monday, July 9, 2018

Herbology Remedies For Some Very Common Health Problems

By Shirley Reed

Many put their trust on herbs whenever they are bugged with common medical maladies. That's because herbs are entirely nothing like their pharmaceutical rivals that are capable of causing side effects as well as health risks. When carried out properly, herbology remedies listed below can help alleviate many of the health issues that you encounter regularly.

Pot marigold for minor cuts and scrapes. Superficial wounds should be kept from being invaded by bacteria to prevent an infection, which is something that can delay healing and even cause complications at times. Whether boiled in water or pounded, pot marigold is known to help disinfect minor cuts and scrapes, and thus ward off bacterial action.

Lemon balm for an achy tummy. There are plenty of things that can cause the belly to feel achy, and they range anywhere from indigestion, intestinal spasms to excess gas. One very popular herbal remedy for a stomachache is tea that's out of lemon balm. Actually, this herbal beverage is safe enough for kids who are being bugged by a tummy ache.

Peppermint for acid reflux. Especially after a greasy or spicy meal, the chest may feel like it's on fire due to acid reflux. A very effective solution for such uncomfortable stomach problem is tea that's out of peppermint leaves. By the way, this beverage is also perfect for dealing with a few oral issues such as bad breath and gum swelling.

Cilantro for ending a urinary tract infection. Due to the capability of cilantro to enhance urination, it can help in putting an end to a urinary tract infection. This herb is also commonly employed by folk healers for reducing high blood pressure. Cilantro is being used, too, for flushing accumulated toxins out of the body.

Boost brain power with rosemary. If you are experiencing lethargy but you are highly sensitive to caffeine found in coffee, you may simply rely on rosemary. Regardless if you prefer to take it in the form of tea or sprinkled on your salad or soup, it can help energize your brain. Rosemary lets you feel stimulated minus the anxiety and jitters.

Deal with mild depression with lavender tea. You can lift your mood if you feel down most of the time with a cup of lavender tea. According to studies, this herbal drink can have a positive effect on the mind of anyone with mild depression. However, it is a good idea for you to seek the help of a therapist if your depression is moderate to severe.

Chamomile for insomnia. Lack of sleep is an issue that can cause so many other problems. Experts say that insomnia can have a profound effect most especially on brain functioning. One age old natural solution for sleeplessness is the intake of chamomile tea. Before hopping into bed, a cup of this herb should be brewed and consumed.

In order to benefit tremendously from herbs, it's important for them to be used under the direct supervision of a trained herbalist. Anyone who is suffering from a serious medical condition should first consult his or her doctor. Even though herbs are all natural, many of them may aggravate existing issues and interfere with prescribed medications.

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