Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Genetically Engineered Organelle Results In Having A Longer Life

By Steven Roberts

As the earth is being heavily populated with human beings, factories have put into usage hazardous chemicals that enable them to satisfy consumers with their every demand and also to speed up production of goods. However, such advantages have disadvantages that will increase the mortality rate of the people who are buying those goods. Thankfully, studies have concluded the help from Genetically engineered organelle can prolong life here on earth, even with the usage of such goods can make human beings be a bigger target for illnesses.

In the current digital era people are living today, inventors have, truly, provided new variable that is imperative in the survival of human beings. The novelty of inventions have made company owners happy since the inventions are helping them in speeding up production, even though it resulted in changing the operations of companies. However, the most vital variable it contributed is the variable now existing in the health industry.

Doctors have taken advantage of the novelty of inventions in order for them to invent new gears and scientific treatment for sicknesses that are caught by humans. With the upgrades they have in their medical gears, doctors can have precise, if not lessen errors or bad effects treating and diagnosing sicknesses. However, it is not enough for them to rely on such gears for its utilization may only contribute little in the treatment of terminal illnesses.

Many are the illnesses that have put body organs in a compromised state due to the deterioration of the cells inside the body. Individuals who are suffering with the illness will have a life troubled by the illness since regeneration of cells that are lost or damaged are not a task that their bodies are not able to do anymore. They can only rely on new cells that scientists culture in their laboratories.

This is most beneficial for individuals who are suffering from genetic diseases. These individuals can be injected with artificial chromosomes which will then help in the generation of regeneration of other chromosomes. This can save them from the life threatening disease they are living with and give them the life they deserve.

However, the main purpose of genetic engineering is not solely for treatment, its purpose can be also to eradicate illnesses. A number of engineers have transformed the world into a favorable one by providing change to the ecosystems. They are cultivating mosquitoes that have undergone genetic engineering that would remove malaria, and also have cultivated bacteria that removes poison in the air or factors that contributes in air pollution.

Professionals in the engineering field continue to challenge themselves by prolonging life here on earth by making the earth a safer place to live, and therefore, human beings are able to survive with fewer sicknesses. Truly, the production of goods is now applied with genetic engineering. However, government agencies are controlling the number of such goods being put into the market.

Even though it is labeled as a miracle, it does have a downside. Bacterium will have more resistance since synthetic materials are introduced, and therefore, making bacterium more destructible. Even though it heals people, it can result in harming people with deadly diseases.

Even with its downsides, it can still make lives longer. However, individuals should be finicky about choosing the doctors that are to inject them with the cells. On the internet, individuals can learn about what makes it suitable for them and who are the doctors are the most trusted ones.

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