Tuesday, July 24, 2018

What We Should Understand About The HIV Jewish Community

By Stephanie Mitchell

HIV is one of the viruses that cause deaths and can greatly make a person suffer. Amidst the rise of possible victims, groups like the HIV Jewish community NYC were established that follows goals and purposes. Since this kind of illness has greatly affect millions of people, it has captured the attention of public and is now deemed as one illness that could not be simply ignored.

In past years, HIV was fully recognized as one virus which could cause AIDS and its often recognized among the gay communities. Its even reported as one outbreak of another cancer which could affect not just those with low immune system but likewise healthy individuals. Since the thought about it was less clear before, this creates homophobia to people. This eventually leads to a problem that not only the gays experience.

Because of advances in terms of drug therapies, the deaths caused by AIDS have progressively slowed down. However, the deaths still continue and cause fear to a number of people. In 2008, its reported that there are about four million deaths worldwide, including some kids. This stirs panic and fear to the public, resulting to a problem in the long run.

Tradition of Jewish. AIDS is often discussed in numerous communities. Typically, in the tradition of Jews, they show a different voice about the said illness. One can even found a couple of chapters in book that recounts a lot of important details that concern this disease. It is a strict law of theirs to skip passage that turns out to be disturbing to read aloud.

In regard to an official mourning, they usually begin at funeral rituals, not on time of demise. They think that losses should be witness and named out loud first before the people could have a time to grieve, heal and likewise recover from their loss. Likewise, its imperative to spend time mourning over loss by AIDS victims before the communities and individuals could heal.

The Torah educates that every individual is made equal. However, the people who become victim of AIDS and HIV experience loss of self worth because of shame that these diseases bring. Some even isolate them from other people. Because of effects that they bring to families and communities, this greatly affect the condition of ones really affected.

Communal response of Jewish. Amidst the richness of a source concerning this illness, the whole reaction of dozens of communities stays a bit rocky. Some synagogues even fail to develop a long lasting and positive response. Because of situations severity, this usually leads to huge importance of LGBT groups at present times.

Since there were many groups formed, leaders and likewise members were also considered. Still, because of a crisis, there are many dead people. Some places have fast and smart response to situations by creating effective communal response and this leads to better programs today.

AIDS can greatly affect people. If we are only willing to overlook our differences and show our support, we might be able to lend a hand. All it takes is an open mind and an open heart.

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