Sunday, October 7, 2018

An Overview Of Functional Medicine Atlanta

By Melissa Morris

Being healthy does not necessarily mean being without illnesses or diseases, it rather adds up to having a peaceful life with less stress, more energy and positivity. It is often that when you get sick, the first approach is to seek medical assistance which includes drug intake, when there are more options such as Functional Medicine Atlanta which gives much better help to improve your health.

This type of approach is driven towards offering ways and procedures of healing through finding out the root cause of the problem you are experiencing and coming up with a plan to manage it. It is integrative and allows the understanding of the problem instead of rushing to treat you, it goes a long way to promoting healing and allowing you to have a healthy life.

The nature of this method involves a lot of one on one discussion between you and the specialist. This allows more time into discovery of proper ways to come up with a healing and management plan for an individual. The specialist will go through the history of the individual in terms of health, genetics, culture and lifestyle so as to narrow down back to the issues the patient is facing so as to come up with a solution in the end.

It also allows the integration of traditional western best practices as well as other useful medical practices from around the globe to improve on your condition. This involves the prevention of diseases by advocating for a change in lifestyle, exercising and nutrition in combination with the use of prescribed medication, therapeutic diets detoxification processes and stress management styles.

One of the advantage that this method has over conventional medicine is that it is more healing-oriented than treating the symptom. Functional method is more inclined to offering primary prevention of diseases as it is an integrative approach to healing through finding the root cause of chronic illnesses instead of focusing on the symptom only.

Conventional medicine offers a quick solution to chronic illnesses through focusing on symptom treatment. Considering that finding the root cause of that illnesses will allow primary prevention, functional method can be seen to be more patient-centered. In most cases, the person is often the one having the solution to his or her predicament as most of the answers are in the details of history behind the lifestyle and family health.

This treatment method allows the patient to have a sense of responsibility as he or she is mainly part of the solution to the illness. In most cases, the management plan is often derived from the information that you give to the specialist, making you a key source in achieving optimal health. Instead of fully relying on drugs, one will be more inclined to a change of lifestyle.

It however is not for those who are not strong willed and opt for quick solutions. Unlike conventional mode of treatment which can offer fast treatment by simply taking a pill, functional medicine requires discipline and patience and a positive attitude. Therefore, if one is not willing to have a change in lifestyle or is simply lazy, this mode of treatment may prove to be strenuous

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