Monday, October 15, 2018

Top Rated Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgeon New York Offers The Answers To Some Answers Some FAQS

By Linda Powell

Gastric sleeve surgery is today a very popular weight loss procedure the world over. Even though instant gratification may not be offered, you can look forward to gradually decreasing in weight with every passing week. Depending on the efforts you put into changing your lifestyle, you may even achieve a stellar outcome in a matter of months. If you want to find a top rated sleeve gastrectomy surgeon New York is an ideal area to start your hunt.

There are certain questions that just about every patient will ask before getting under the knife. The first one is what the benefits of gastric sleeve surgery are, especially when compared to a gastric bypass operation. Well, the main advantage is that the surgeon will not need to create a different connection between your stomach and small bowel. This will reduce the risks of suffering from marginal ulcer or internal hernia.

Unfortunately, this procedure is not for everyone and patients may therefore wonder why some obese patients do not qualify for the surgery. In this case, obesity can cause concerns like esophageal dysmotility where patients are not able to swallow with ease. It can also cause gastroparesis and this makes it challenging for food to get quickly digested. In case you have the above concerns, it would be better to get scheduled for a gastric bypass procedure.

Then again patients suffering from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or even Barrett's esophagus are better off getting scheduled for a gastric bypass. Keep in mind that your overall wellness is key. Your specialists need to consider an alternative that promises you the best chances of a swift recovery.

Most people question how a massive stomach can get pulled from a tiny incision. What you need to know is that when you eat, your stomach stretches and also expands significantly. According to research, the human stomach is capable of holding over 2-4 liters of food. Once it is decompressed, this makes it easy for the surgeons to pull it from a tiny cut.

During the operation, the surgeon will insert a tube into the stomach through the mouth and remove all gases and liquids to decompress it. With this, the largest incision that can be made will not exceed three centimeters. In fact, in over 95% of cases, it is absolutely unnecessary for the incision to be enlarged.

Finally, you may also ask how long your hospital admission will last. The good news is that you will be free to leave for home one day after your operation. The surgeons will simply need to keep you around and put you on clear liquid diets until you are effectively hydrated. When it is time for you to leave, you will get pain meds to help with the aches of the tiny incision.

Recent research shows a drastic growth in the demand for gastric sleeve surgery since 2010. In the year 2014, 193,000 patients on average scheduled for bariatric operations. The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery revealed that over 51.7 percent of the patients found it best to get scheduled for sleeve gastrectomy.

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