Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Main Procedures For Hernia Repair Surgery

By George Thompson

If you are passionate about healing people and saving lives, you can study medicine and become a surgeon. This will give you the knowledge and experience to treat people suffering from various conditions. For example, you will even have the capability or performing the hernia repair surgery on patients. This is a condition that affects so many people. It usually affects the abdomen where a part of an organ protrudes. As a doctor, you must find out the part that is protruding and put the protrusion back in position. There are three ways in which a hernia is treated.

The first surgical procedure is known as open repair. This is a procedure that involves making incisions in the groin. Then, the doctor identifies the sac that contains the swelling. After that, the surgeon pushes back the sac to its position in the intestines. He then stitches the abdomen making it strong to hold the sac. Patients recover very quickly after the procedure.

The second method is known as minimally invasive or laparoscopic procedure. The surgeons use laparoscopes in this case. This instrument acts as a thin telescope to aid in viewing the abdomen. The laparoscope is customarily inserted through small cuts in the abdomen. Patients must be administered with general anesthesia before the procedure begins. It is more complicated than the first one and patients take longer to heal.

Hence, before the procedure is carried out, his/her general health is asses. The medical records are requested for, and a physical examination is done. Also, an electrocardiogram procedure is carried out. Then, if the patient is found fir to be operated, he/she is put under. The procedure is pain-free, and patients are stitched. They recover after a few days.

The third method is known as the robotic procedure that involves robots. It utilizes the laparoscope as well. Just like the laparoscopic method, the robotic procedure is carried out similarly. However, the difference is the robot. The surgeon sits in the console and operates a robot that carries out the surgery. This makes the whole procedure very technological. It is also faster and accurate compared to the other procedures.

The robot is very effective as it provides 3-dimensional images of the inside of the patients abdomen. Additionally, the robotic procedure allows the practitioner to use stitches easily to sew the tissues as well as meshes in the abdomen. In addition to that, the patient will have tiny scars compared to the other two procedures.

The recovery of a patient depends on the procedure he/she underwent. Since the procedures are different, recovery will also take place differently. Also, some protruding tends to be larger than others. This means that patients will also heal at different times depending on the procedure.

In case you have been suffering from this condition, it is wise to look for a qualified surgeon to operate on you. If you find a good medical center, you will be able to find a good surgeon. Hence, always ensure that you find a qualified doctor to treat you.

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