Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Primary Requirements For Occupational Therapy Continuation Courses Jacksonville FL

By Lisa Foster

If you want to change your career, there are many fields that you can select. For instance, you can decide to become a therapist. In such a case, you have to know all the requirements for taking up the occupational therapy continuation courses Jacksonville FL has. Also, you will need to understand what you are in for. For instance, you should know that you will be treating patients with disabilities, illnesses, injuries, etc. You will thus work with the patients to improve, develop and recover their skills. The following are the requirements you must meet for you to get started.

For you to start the sessions, you have to complete an associate degree or two years. After that, you will do some more advanced degrees. Therefore, make sure you are ready to meet the educational requirements for you to become an OT. Hence, you can pick an area that you like, for instance, biology, geriatrics, physiology, mental health, and complete the degree.

The examination you will sit for is called the COTA. It is mandatory to take this examination if you plan to become an OT. Normally, this test will allow you to become an assistant OT but only if you pass. It consists of questions with multiple choices, and it has to be completed online. When you complete the exam and pass, you will be certified with the NBCOT.

After sitting for the COTA examination and passing it, you can start by working as an assistant OT. Thus, you can hunt for these jobs in an institution that offers them. This is not mandatory, but it is essential. This is because the experience you gain will help you when you are taking the degree program in OT.

Whether you have gained the experience or not, you need to continue with your education. Hence, you have to be ready to start your masters degree program. Everyone who wants to become a therapist must obtain an MD. Hence, make sure you have taken up the classes and ready yourself for another examination known as the OTR. Also, you can opt to combine both your undergraduate and MD and sit for the final examination.

You thus have to sit for the OTR exam and pass it before you become a licensed OT. Just like the COTA examination, the OTR exam is computer-based. The candidate thus has to show that he/she has the knowledge that has been acquired from the studies. After passing the exam, the prospective OT is given an official certificate from NBCOT.

After that, you are required to obtain a license from your municipality or the municipalities you intend to work in. The requirements of each state are different. However, the main ones include an NBCOT certification, background checks, and original transcripts.

If you meet all the above requirements, you will successfully become an OT. If you fail to meet any of the above requirements, you will not be allowed to practice. This career thus requires a lot of dedication and resilience if you want to excel in it.

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