Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Potential Benefits Of The Cryotherapy Sherman Oaks CA Spas Offer

By Deborah Bailey

People are always looking for new ways to stay young, alert, and beat the odds of getting life threatening diseases and conditions. Every few years new trends and techniques catch their attention, and many are willing to undergo discomfort and spend significant amounts of money trying them out. The cryotherapy Sherman Oaks CA spas, and others, offer is one such trend. There are a number of possible benefits to the therapy, but the research is still too new to be conclusive.

Most have seen the news reports of hardy individuals throwing themselves into the icy water of lakes and ponds in the coldest months of the winter wearing only bathing suits. These bathers are convinced this activity promotes sharp minds, physical health, and longevity. It is a drastic form of cryotherapy, but not the one most people experience. The majority who try this therapy do so at trendy spas and health farms. They get into tanks filled with freezing water and stay for three to five minutes.

It's important to be careful not to overdo the time spent in the booths. You can't fall asleep in one of them. Staying too long can be fatal. This is not an activity appropriate for children, pregnant women, or individuals who suffer from heart conditions or high blood pressure. The experience can take some getting used to. It sometimes takes several sessions for participants to get comfortable with the freezing temperatures.

This therapy is used to relieve the aches and pains of joint and muscle conditions such as arthritis. It may help increase the speed of recovery for those suffering from sports injuries. The technique, in the form of ice packs, has been prescribed by physicians for many years as a way of relieving discomfort from over exercising and muscle pain. There have been mixed results in the studies done on the benefits of the therapy for reducing muscle pain.

Some argue that the therapy benefits those who want to lose weight. They say the body will burn calories in an effort to get warmer. Others believe that the therapy makes maintaining a fitness routine easier because it reduces aches and pains. If it is true, as some believe, that the technique reduces inflammation, that may make exercising easier because there is less pain in the joints and muscles.

Cryotherapy may be beneficial to the mental health of some individuals. There are studies showing those who suffer from anxiety and depression, and use the therapy, see a reduction in symptoms. The discomfort is not completely eliminated, but has reduced the levels by about fifty percent over those not on the therapy.

Eczema is an inflammation of the skin. Many of those who have tried cryotherapy to relieve the symptoms of this condition saw significant improvement. Some found they developed frostbite.

There is some evidence to support the claims that cryotherapy reduces the pain caused by migraines. This is not a cure for migraines, but can make the condition a little more bearable. At the present time, there is not enough research to know exactly how beneficial the technique is, and more study is necessary.

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