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How To End Insomnia According To A Naturopathic Doctor Georgia Residents Rely On

By Brian Stewart

Insomnia, contrary to everyone's belief, is not just about being unable to catch some shut eye immediately. If you keep waking up during the night and you find it challenging to fall asleep again, then you may have the sleep disorder. No matter what, it's for certain that your physical and mental health will suffer as a result of insomnia. Based on the statement of a naturopathic doctor Georgia residents depend on, attaining a good night's sleep is very much possible. If you like to know some effective yet highly simple tips on beating insomnia, keep on reading.

Take freshly brewed chamomile tea. Even though it is usually taken for dealing with acid reflux, indigestion and also excess gas, the truth is chamomile tea is also an excellent insomnia fighter. This herbal drink is capable of encouraging a good night's sleep as it promotes relaxation of not only the body but also the mind.

Go for passion flower. Being sold as tea and capsules, passion flower is a powerful insomnia remedy. In fact, it's one of the most commonly recommended herbal solutions for insomniacs recommended by traditional healers. By the way, passion flower is usually given to people who are battling anxiety and depression, both of which can easily leave anyone having a hard time getting some sleep.

Give valerian a try. Another well known herbal solution for anxiety and depression is valerian, and it may also be employed for dealing with lack of sleep. You can get your hands on it in tea or capsule form, just like passion flower. It's important to note that you should never use valerian for several days or weeks straight. That's because it is known to cause unfavorable side effects, plus it's associated with some health risks.

Pop melatonin tablets in the mouth. A type of hormone, melatonin regulates a person's body clock. Studies have shown that many people who are bugged by insomnia have low melatonin levels in the bloodstream. The good news is melatonin is readily available in supplement form. Food products such as nuts, seeds, whole grains and various cruciferous vegetables are scientifically proven to help increase the body's melatonin levels.

Consume tart cherries. According to health authorities, those super foods known as tart cherries have melanin raising properties. This is the reason why individuals who are suffering from insomnia should consider having a glass of pure tart cherry juice before hitting the hay. A few frozen or fresh whole tart cherries may also be consumed before going to bed.

Put your trust in lavender essential oil. A particular kind of oil is proven effective against insomnia, and it's called lavender essential oil. Uncap its bottle, place a few drops of the contents on your pillow, and then start dreaming away. Aside from lavender, other fantastic anti insomnia essential oils are cedarwood, sandalwood, marjoram and chamomile.

More often than not, the inability to get enough shut eye can be blamed on poor sleeping habits and uncontrolled stress. There are instances, too, in which it's due to an underlying medical condition. Consider meeting with a primary health care provider especially if your insomnia is paired with all kinds of unusual symptoms.

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