Thursday, November 8, 2018

Why Medical Tourism Agents And Facilitators Are Doing So Well

By Douglas McDonald

An astonishing number of people still die every year, suffering from conditions that can most certainly be treated successfully. In some countries, treatment is available but very expensive. In other countries no facilities are available. In yet others, the health system is utterly overloaded, resulting in extremely long waiting lists. Many of these patients know that they do not have time to wait. That is why they as medical tourism agents and facilitators to help them find treatment in another country.

Travelling long distances to seek treatment is as old as mankind himself. In ancient times, people used to risk many danger and suffer great hardship to seek help from famous healers. Of course, in those times healers were few and far between. People also travelled great distances to visit sites, often bodies of water, that are reputed to have healing power. Many of these sites remain popular to this very day.

Today, people travel abroad from treatment because of various reasons. Many countries simply do not have sophisticated health systems and citizens find that life saving treatment that they need is simply not available. They have no option but to seek help in another country. In other countries the facilities are limited and waiting lists are very long. These patients have few options.

Sometimes patients choose to travel for treatment even though the treatment is available in their own countries. In such cases the patient wants to be attended by the best authority in the world and in the very best medical facilities. To this end they will pay huge sums of money to be seen by world recognized specialists practising in foreign countries.

Some patients travel for treatment even though they have very little money. This is because their meagre funds will not pay for treatment in their own country, but after taking into consideration a highly favourable exchange rate, will most certainly pay for the treatment in a country with a weak currency. In this way they can, for the money they have, get better treatment abroad than at home.

There are those that strongly condemn the practice of travelling abroad for treatment. These critics say that those from affluent countries and that are willing to pay large sums for VIP treatment are corrupting the health systems of the host countries. This is because greedy specialists and medical facilities put their own patients on the back burner in order to earn the lucrative fees offered by foreigners.

If one does not know exactly which specialist one want to consult, the use of an agent or facilitator to arrange matters can be risky. It is vital to make sure that the agent knows the medical specialists involved and that they can provide prove of the fact that the recommended specialist is not just reputable but also able to provide references. The agent should also handle all the legal requirements for this type of travel.

When someone falls deadly ill all priorities change and the health of the patients suddenly become the only important thing. Such patients, especially those with money to their disposal, will go to great lengths to find a remedy. To this end, a reputable travel facilitator can be of immense value.

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