Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Convenience Of Technological Advancement In The Field Of Medicine

By Richard Davis

Technology has definitely made the cause of living much easier and convenient. Especially in the field of medicine, from modern machines from x ray machines to the Maxi Sky 600 with its arjo NDA010003 battery it conveniently lifts patients from their wheelchair to bed or vice versa.

This new medical machine makes it possible and easy for medical patients that have problems in mobility, to be transferred from one place to another, therefore lessening the chances of causing the patient further injuries. In comparison people manually lifting the patient themselves, there is so much risk and probability that they would cause more harm than good when it comes to the patient condition.

The problem with moving patients manually is that the hospital nurse are in charge of carrying a patient whether they are supposed to be placed from the wheel chair to the bed or vice versa. Two to Three nurse depending on the weight of the patient, they would gather their strength to lift the patient and as much as they could prevent any further damage on the patient condition.

Just take for example back then when you have fractured bones in both your legs, you have to hold the pain as the nurses would try to carry you from the wheel chair to your bed. But now there is an alternative lifting method. That does not only provide you the assurance that you would not fall out of proportion worsening your injury, but also provides that convenience as you are smoothly being transferred from one place to another.

And in a matter of seconds you are already comfortable lying in bed, resting to get back your strength and get home as soon as you are well and allowed by your doctor. The overflowing amount of resources and technological advancement made things like this possible.

Before saving a life is difficult especially when there are so many diseases then that does not have any cure, but now little by little cures for different kind of disease are being discovered with the help of brilliant people in the medical field. Even knowing the kind of disease you have is much easier, with all the test and medical tools that have been well devised to determine what is really going on in your system.

Back then one would have to rely based on the doctor manual examination, which is not 100 percent accurate at time, because there was no way really to accurately determine the kind of disease that you have.

Just seeing how technology has shaped the present day medication, to be more accurate, trust worthy, convenient and easier in so many ways. Makes one want to believe that no matter what kind of disease they have. They will have a chance of being cured, especially now that medicine had gone through lengths of constant study and enhancements.

Imagine how difficult those times were, for both patient and medical practitioners. But now everything simply comes handy. A few pressed buttons and then you know what is really going on, a few pressed buttons and you are transferred from bed to your wheel chair.

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