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Allergist Middletown DE: Find Which Diet Is Causing You Food Sensitivity Symptoms

By Charles Butler

Human beings survival is depended on food, air, and water. These basic needs are natural or manmade products of which some cause food sensitivity symptoms. On average a personal consumes 3 full meals a day, from which different nutritional content is gain. Bodies need different amounts of these nutrients according to daily life activities and age. Children and the elderly both need proteins, vitamins, and minerals, to support the growth and muscle replacement according to Allergist Middletown DE.

Common food intolerance in children usually displays symptoms like abdominal pains. This happens immediately after consuming food, it is usually painful cramps. Eventually, it may turn to a bloated stomach, belching and passing gas may bring temporary relief, until the stomach has been passed. Gastrointestinal symptoms may cause nausea and vomiting and acid influx this may be mild or excessive depending on the body s reaction. An uncomfortable feeling which can be relieved by the use of calming medicines and sips of ice cold beverages.

Similarly, diarrhea can be an excessive symptom causing the body to be dehydrated. Dehydration signs include pale skin, weak body and dry lips, this is not only a sign of loss of fluids but also electrolyte imbalance in the body also visible by dry flaky skin in prolonged symptoms. Constipation is another symptom related to the gastric system. This may last for a few days or more after the first signs which are detected after hours of eating food.

The contents of such foods trigger a powerful immune response and the body is in shock because of the sudden and strong reaction. Next on the list with similar reaction and symptoms to seafood are nuts and other plant-based fats. Nut sensitivity can be direct or indirect, direct is eating the nuts in their original form or intentionally added in different recipes.

Looking at the digestive system, human beings are not able to digest very high fiber and uncooked or undercooked food. This causes indigestion adversely showing symptoms of bloated, painful heartburn, reflux or nausea and vomiting. While pure food at its natural forms causes various sensitive reactions, contaminated or poisonous foods cause the same symptoms. However, the earlier form of sensitivity is usually not so serious and symptoms can go away with the discontinued intake.

Included is unexplained weight gain or weight loss, this may seem like a real mystery when following what is though as a good diet. Shown by fat deposits in different parts or all over the body. Joint pain is another possible symptom of sensitivity to certain foods. Such symptoms are usually continuous and last longer, they are difficult to diagnose as are least expected of sensitivity reaction to food.

Vitamins are the newfound antioxidant nutrients which about cure everything. It may not be directly but keep the body cells healthy and functioning at top performance in defense against viral infections and overall health. Too much of a good thing is not so good when it comes to bits.

The most common are the skin reactions; rashes, eczema, and different skin reactions. The rash may suddenly appear and disappear without any use of medicines. While eczema would last for months and any topical or other medicines do not seem to work. Redness of skin and itching are also possible symptoms, it is difficult to associate the reaction with food especially with kids who are at an exploring age. The blame is always on the outside environment.

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